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Magic: The Gathering: can phantasmal image be equip with swords?

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    If you use the equip ability to attach an equipment (one of the swords in this case) to one of the phantasmal creatures, it forces you to sacrifice the creature. This happens before the sword gets attached when you activate the ability. The ability equip says Attach to target permanent. Cards like Quest for the Holy Relic get around this targeting restriction by putting the card into play attached to a creature, not target creature. Clone, Phantasmal Image, and Phyrexian Metamorph do not target so you can use them to copy your Phantasmal Bear (or whatever you are using).

    Source(s): MTG Judge and longtime player.
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    The equip ability of an equipment, such as paying {2} for Sword of Feast and Famine, targets the creature that it's trying to equip it to. Since it does target, this will cause Phantasmal Image to have to be sacrificed.

    However, there are "backdoor" ways to attach equipment to a creature without targeting that creature. Quest for the Holy Relic, for example, doesn't target the creature. You simply choose a creature and attach the equipment to that creature. In this scenario, your Phantasmal Image holds the equipment and survives.

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