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Rate my 2011 fantasy football auction team?

I just drafted my first non-mock auction draft fantasy football team on Its a 10-man league. Please rate my team on a 1-10 scale; any advice you have will be greatly appreciated.


QB: Matt Ryan

HB1: Jamaal Charles

HB2: Matt Forte

WR1: Andre Johnson

WR2: Calvin Johnson

Flex: Hakeem Nicks

D/ST: Giants

K: Garrett Hartley


Ryan Grant

A.J. Green

Beanie Wells

Deion Branch

Malcom Floyd

Mike Thomas

Tim Hightower

I will most likely play matchups with my defenses, so the Giants won't be my weekly D. Also, I might take Matt Ryan out if the Falcons are facing a tougher team. Thanks again, and please rate.

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    Solid team. Great RBs and amazing WRs. Your QB is a bit weak, but that will be ok if u play matchups. Same with giants D

    Then u got Floyd, who i think may go to baltimore. Also Branch and Grant are awesome backups

    Man this team is a 9.2/10, only small weakness is ryan.

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  • 9 years ago

    The secret to an Auction League is getting the players you want but not by over paying for them.

    I love the WR you picked up, for me having 2 Dominant recievers and Hakeem Nicks who can be dominant can go a lot farther than most people will say.

    I hope that your RB's dont come back 2 haunt you. Jamaal Charles was INCREDIBLE last year, I hope that wasn't a one and done deal. Matt Forte has always been on my team and he is reliable.

    Matt Ryan at QB is not a bad selection(probably the best option for your money) who is your back-up?????

    I like the defense (backup?)

    Bench is also full of guys that you never know could break-out.

    Overall id say a solid 7.5-10 Suggestion: See if you can trade one of your 3 Mega Stars and split that one into two other solid players. (Jamal Charles for a Solid RB and another Solid Top 10 WR)

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  • 9 years ago

    8 very good WRs and good depth at WR. Your good with Charles but who knows how forte will do this year so be prepared with forte by benching him some weeks against good Defenses or maybe trading him forte+Floyd could get you a better RB--assuming forte doesn't get Chris Johnson numbers from 2009. Watch out for what the giants will be doing with osi umenyora because that could drastically change the team. Finally Matt Ryan is decent but not a top QB so maybe try and get someone better? Forte+Ryan? Other than that your WRs WILL take you into the playoffs but idk about championship team yet

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  • Brian
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    9 years ago

    Pretty damn good for an auction. I never do auctions because i have trouble rationing money. LOL

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