What are the chances of me going to Ranger school if I'm a 31 Bravo?

I'm a 31 Bravo Military Police, shipping in 2 months, and I'm in great shape. I'm a PFC, having already passed my 2 mile APFT with a 13:04 run, 71 push-ups, and 74 sit ups. However I really want to go to Airborne (and possibly Air Assault if the chance is ther) and Ranger school, and I feel that would only be possible if I was 11 Bravo or 19 Delta. Any SOCOM guys out there or current MP's who are Rangers? It would really come in handy because my time is winding down.

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  • 8 years ago
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    1. There are no MP rangers, there are no MP's assigned to the Ranger regiment

    2. There are Ranger qualified MP's

    3. Chances are small, but it possible, about the time you make E-5 and reenlist

    So you know:

    RASP is the gateway to the Ranger regiment

    Ranger school is a leadership school, not connected to the Ranger Regiment

  • Betsy
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    4 years ago

    Most divisions have pre ranger courses. Since ranger school slots are limited. They want to make sure anyone with a slot, will pass. So generally, your gonna have to talk your commander into letting you attend the pre ranger course. Some brigades are given slots, Everyone is different in how they give them out. But they usually don't give them to first term enlistees.

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