Is it fair that people in these States get more money back from the Federal Government than they pay in?

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This is the money that is paid to each State's government vs what they pay in. Indiana receives 1.05 for each tax dollar it pays. Ohio receives 1.05 per tax dollar paid. more
Update : To be clear, the Federal Government collects the taxes then gives the more
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Yes, that's why people talk about the "Little Red Welfare States". The politicians who rant the most about Pork are usually the ones representing states that get most of it.

To be fair, depending on what's used to calculate the data, states with large federal installations like military bases may show more federal money coming in than tax monies going out.


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That is what I see.
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  • gomanyes answered 3 years ago
    Notice how it's the liberal states that get shafted here.
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  • Daniel answered 3 years ago
    Cut out farm subsides and see what happens to those figures.
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  • NDMA answered 3 years ago
    You might have a valid point if the dollars going out equaled the dollars coming in. The fact is at this point the Federal Government is spending 1.40 cents for every dollar it takes in. There is a very simple solution to this. Eliminate those programs where the federal government sends dollars back to the states (after eating up 25 to 30 cents on administrative expenses) reduce taxes accordingly and let the states set up and fund their own programs. This way no state gets 'short changed'.
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  • jeeper_peeper321 answered 3 years ago
    The government has certain social programs

    They funding for those programs go to where they people using those programs live.

    So that generally means, liberals states which are mostly white, get less than they pay

    And conservative states, where the minority population lives, gets more money than they pay

    2. If you don't like it, stop asking for all those social programs

    Or stop the liberal states from being the most racially segregated states according to the US Census, so more minorities will move there.
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  • imaxkr answered 3 years ago
    You just made a great case for reduced federal spending and the reduction of the size of the federal government.
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  • Sarah answered 3 years ago
    No, it isn't fair. If Republicans and Republican states want the government out of their lives, why in the world are we bailing out these states every single year? Let them get to know the 'free market capitalism' way of life they love so much. They just need to work harder and stop being so lazy, from what I hear.
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  • Big One 0909 answered 3 years ago
    I don't know what is wrong with that, it is straight out of the Socialist playbook: From each according to their ability, To each according to their need.

    Isn't socialism Wonderful? Don't you just want More of it?


    Pure Sarcasm
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