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Pls rate my fantasy football team?

Here's my team


QB - A. Rodgers (GB)

RB - P. Hillis (CLE)

RB - S. Jackson (STL)

WR - A. Johnson (HOU)

WR - S. Moss (WAS)

TE - J. Witten (DAL)

W/R - P. Harvin (MIN)

K - M. Bryant (ATL)

DEF - Steelers


WR - D. Mason (NYJ)

RB - M. Lynch (SEA)

RB - F. Jones (DAL)

TE - B. Pettigrew (DET)

QB - E. Manning (NYG)

RB - L. Tomlinson (NYJ)

I have a problem in week 5 my starting running backs both get a bye the same week!!! Also one of my back ups F. Jones has a bye too. I don't want to start L. Tomlinson unless I have to. Any suggestions whom I should trade? Also how would you rank my team?

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    Looks very solid besides Santana Moss.. I don't like him much this year but I guess it can be fine because you can put LT at W/R and Harvin at Wr2. Yes, you do have a problem with hillis and jackson going on bye the same week, and it wont matter. Why? Because hopefully by week 5 u have found some new emerging studs that you can trust to start. Close attention to the leader board, free agents, and the actual NFL will help ya

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    10 years ago

    QB: Great

    RB: Really good

    WR: Good

    TE: Great

    Flex: Decent

    Def: Great

    Bench: Good

    Maybe trade for somebody like Jahvid Best, CJ Spiller, or Ryan Matthews all three are sleepers. Maybe give up Tomilson and Harvin.

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    4 years ago

    authentic good starters. I relatively have Kitna and Cutler too, yet i'm commencing Kitna. i might see how that performs out simply by fact Kitna has a lot of weapons. If Henry remains healthful i like your RB. super WRs, good TE and respectable protection. 8.5/10.

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    7/10 preatty nice team

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    matters how many teams

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