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How do you make yourself look older?

I'm 16, but I'm told that I look as young as 12. I'm really short for my age, a mere 5', and I'm also very thin.

I'll be starting a new job next week and I want to look as old as my coworkers so they'll actually take me seriously. So, how can I make myself older?

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    Looking older has NOTHING to do with your height and weight. It's about how you present yourself.

    I am only 18 (I tell people on here that I am 19 so they take me a bit more seriously..but shhh!!) and I have had men ask me out for drinks, thinking that I am about 24. I don't act like a skank nor do I put on loads of makeup. It's all about acting mature and putting the right image out there.

    For instance...don't wear shirts like these...

    Ya know, graphic tees. They make you look A LOT younger.

    A simple button down or sweater is doable. Simple clothing makes you seem older.

    Don't over do the makeup. Make it simple. SIMPLICITY is key in looking older. A thin eyeliner, mascara, foundation and lipgloss is all that is needed.

    Make sure you present yourself well. Shoulders held high. Act courageous , not mousy.

    No shoes like these...

    Trade those ugly freshman year clogs for a nice, womanly looking pair of flats.

    It's all about presentation and if you believe. If you act mature and look mature,people will take you seriously.

    Don't dress like a 12 year old, dress like a 20 year old (but make it believe-able).

    Simple make up. Simple clothing.


    Pink shirt that reads "HOLLISTER" across the front, potato shoes (seen above), jeans with holes in them, tons of ugly "jersey shore" type makeup, you don't speak well, you talk about high school constantly....


    a Simply button down shirt, or a nice pink tank top. A red shirt. Any simple, shirt that compliments your body well. Nice, bra that accentuates your body. Simple makeup that makes your face look naturally pretty. Simple hairstyle, up or down. Skinny jeans or any pair of jeans with no holes or patches. Ballet flats (make you look older, trust me), and simple Accessories. Silver earrings, jewelry or bracelets. Wearing a watch helps.

    DON'T listen to those other girls. MAKEUP is not the way to go. LESS makeup is better. Make sure your makeup compliments you!!!!!!!!!!! You don't want to look like this:

    That doesn't make you look older, it makes you look like a whore.

    Hope I helped =]

    This is pretty much me (when I go to work) on an every day basis.**

    I'd post a picture, but I don't have that kind of time and I'm sure you want an answer NOW, but I can if you like.

    **I mean, wear what you want when you are off of work, but these are my suggestions for when you go to work and when you want to look "older".

    Source(s): experience. =]
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    a million) Don't put on rather glittery make-up - that is an excessively younger seem. Also, preclude portray your nails vibrant, funky colours (despite the fact that you'll generally do that to your toenails.) two) Dress older - do not put on rather sparkly tops or shirts with cartoons on them, although they are animals like at Aeropostale. Try dressing extra traditional, in button up shirts or forged colours, and do not put on shirts with sentences on them, like "Cancel my subscription. I are not looking for your disorders." three) Get a haircut that makes you seem older - check out placing a few highlights to your hair, and get some thing shorter versus longer, for the reason that longer hair is a type that works for younger humans, however now not such a lot for humans that experience a profession or should not have time to fuss with their hair. However, preserve your hair neat invariably - attempt to preclude rather traditional teenage patterns, just like the messy bun, and do not ever do braids. four) Act older. I understand this does not fall underneath appears, however no matter what humans suppose your age are if you are appearing foolish and immature - that is guarenteed to make you appear more youthful. Basically, you wish to preclude tendencies which are for more youthful humans. This is not to mention that you simply are not able to nonetheless put on make-up or save at your favourite retailer - simply check out dressing somewhat older then your agegroup. Also, be positive approximately your self, for the reason that that is a lot more fundamental than how historic you appear. (I love prime heels. They rather make me suppose attractive, which shall we me be myself and are available off as mature and amusing to be round.)

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    It really depends on the job. If you want to look older and more sophisticated, you could wear black heels, with a grey skirt and black tank top. My sister wears that to work sometimes and she looks really pretty in it. Also, don't load yourself with jewelery, or makeup. Wear a minimal of make up if necessary. Oh yeah and curl your hair. Curly hair always looks pretty. Hope I helped :)

    Source(s): My 20 year old sister (still acts and looks like 17)
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    wear a bit of makeup curl ur hair a bit and let it down paint ur nails wear some wedges with a little bit of heel with really tight skinnys and show a bit of cleavage... i would do tht IF I WAS U.. LOL they aint gonna think ur a 13 year old anymore

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