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Some questions on motocross bikes please HELP!!!?

Hi I'm getting a a yz125 for Xmas and I have s couple of questions as I'm buying alot of upgrades for the bike so here goes

-can you remove graphics off plastics to replace them or do to have to buy new plastics?

-when you buy a FMF FATTY exhaust chamber do you have to buy the silencer aswell or can you use any others eg factory exhaust?

-what can I get serviced on the bike to increase performance eg) brakes bleeded

-these are the upgrades I'm getting so far

•FMF fatty chamber cost £180

•nice new gear lever blue to go with the bike cost£17

•piston cost £35

•petrol lid thingy (sorry don't no name) blue swell £12

•graphics (bad boy) cost £70

•hand gaurds £12

•new cluth lever and brake lever £90

•front and back brake pads £40 both

•chain and sprocket £45

•air filter £9

All on eBay and my question is this the way to go for upgrades and if any of you's have any suggestions please let me no 10 points for best answer thanks alot George

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  • John R
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    I'm gonna have to agree with what Branden Hevle answered.

    I would go with more performance upgrades. You stated it is a YZ and not the YZF. This means you are getting a 2-stroke. I wouldn't worry about how the bike looks, they look ok stock. Put the money in the engine. I like having a bike that looks stock, but isn't....All warfare is based on deception - Sun TZU.

    Send your engine to Eric Gorr of Forward Motion. When it comes to porting cylinders, he is the best. Get a port and polish done on the cylinder and have him match the transfer ports to the case. Eric will pull 4-8 hp out of your engine.

    Get the after market FMF pipe and then get the FMF silencer to go with it. The pipe and silencer will gain you about 3-4 horses.

    Get a larger carb or have yours ported and open up the air box so it breaths even better.

    If you have any money left over get yourself an Ohlin's rear shock or a Fox Airshox podium shock or a Fox float MXR shock.

    Pick up an Magura "death throttle" Duo or an old MDT Twister throttle.

    I would rather be all go and no show, all show and no go.

    Source(s): Riding since 1973. Ex-Honda/Yamaha mechanic. Ex-Pro motocross open class racer.
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  • 3 years ago

    The CRF-X and WR-F are the two great motorcycles yet I do desire the Honda. can't flow incorrect the two way, yet i does no longer flow with the motocross variations for what you would be doing. The CRF250X and WR250F have an identical engine simply by fact the CRF250R and YZ250F motocross motorcycles so the overall performance would be with regards to an identical. The CRF-X and WR-F are slightly de-tuned and slightly heavier so as that they gained't be particularly as rapid simply by fact the motocross version besides the incontrovertible fact that it is going to likely be so close you will possibly hardly observe the version. The woods (path), variations might have a bigger gasoline tank, bigger radiators to greater suitable cool the motorcycle at decrease speeds, slightly heavier flywheel for greater suitable torque, a much wider ratio transmission, slightly softer suspension to absorb the smaller bumps and roots on the paths alongside with another minor adjustments. I did see a pal of mine race motocross on his CRF250X simply by fact his R type substitute into out of cost and he placed ok on it and alter into clearing the up hill ninety footer without project. Make no mistake, those 2 motorcycles are no longer path motorcycles like a CRF-F or TT-R, those are intense overall performance woods racing motorcycles that still artwork properly for informal path driving.

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  • 9 years ago

    I have been riding since i was 4 years old.... that means i have been riding motorcycles for 11 years so i can problably help you out.

    1. I would get new plastics but that is just mee.... you can take off the graphics if you want though

    2.I go riding up in the mountains where you have to have a silencer and a sparkarester too... i would say get one with both so if you want to go riding some where and they require that you will always have it.

    3.usually i would increase preformance my self but you can probably find a local motorcycle shop i think cycle gear might do that.

    4. eBay is probably the best way to go.... i always go through eBay it is much cheaper...

    Source(s): i ride motorcycles and work on them.
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