Blood transfusion between different types.?

Why doctors doesn't prefer blood transfusion between compatible but not same blood types? For example; Transfusing O Neg blood from donor to AB Neg blood to the recipient grants compatibility but they do it as last resort. Thanx in advance.

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  • 8 years ago
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    For AB negative patients the preferred blood type is A negative followed by O negative. O negative has wider use than A negative and so one uses the A negative blood first. After all the A negative and O negative are used up or close to it then the person is given A positive blood. Some would argue to give A positive right at the beginning of a massive blood loss. The reason for this is because if one is limited in Rh negative blood then one is probably also limited in AB plasma. It is better to convert the blood type to A positive early and in so doing eliminating all B antigens. After ten units of A positive red cells then it is safe to give type A plasma. We have the most stock of type A positive units and plasma compared to AB negative red cells and AB plasma which is limited.

    The answer to your question lies on how many units one is expecting to transfuse. Type AB negative blood is normally not stocked at blood banks because those patients can receive alternate blood types. Which type to use depends on the circumstances. It is desirable to use the same type only in limited cases such as in cancer patients where one does not want to decrease immunity via immunomodulation associated with giving an alternate blood type. In some situations like in renal transplants it is more desirable to give an alternate blood type to help in down regulating any rejection. So in some cases it is bad and in some cases it is good. In most cases it is desirable to give identical blood type but in dealing with rare blood types then that isn't possible.

    I reread your question and basically identical blood types are preferred because of immunomodulation that can cause problems including post op infections with altered immunity. One answer was to give leukodepleted blood units which are now standard for ARC units in the US. That limits but doesn't eliminate all of that. In cancer patients the preference is still to give identical blood types.

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    O-negative is considered the "universal donor" because it is compatible with all the other types. Except for O-negative, every other type must be matched when looking for a donation - in other words, A-positive must never be given any blood type other than A-positive or O-negative. If that's not done, the reaction could be fatal to the recipient of the transfusion.

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