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I Cant Clip my kittens nails?

My kitten just turned three months old. Her nails have become very sharp and I have tried to cut to cut them before. I tried to wrap her in a blanket but she ran away. Then one day I held her in between my thighs. She kept wriggling and meowing (which she rarely does) and I only clipped a couple of them. Now when I try to she just runs. Does anyone have any tips on what I can do to calm her down and make this less stressful for her?

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Yes they are actual pet groomers. I can not afford the Vet since I just paid to have her shots and neutered a couple of weeks ago. I am only trying to cut a very small portion of the top or at least just trim one nail a day.

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    Be firm and consistent. Kittens want to wriggle and play and are uncooperative till you train them to be cooperative. First of all take charge. Second, trim the nails on a weekly basis.

    It may work better if one can hold the kitten and one can cut the tips of the nails. If not, you can still train this kitten by yourself. I train mine from 5-6 weeks old to sit in my lap until I'm done. It takes time and patience. Some will complain all the time, others will tolerate it, others will be very cooperative and purr.

    Have the kitten lay on its back/butt in your lap and hold firm but gently each foot. Clip a few nails at a time (1-2) and then stop for a few seconds, pet and offer a treat if you want. Then finish the foot, stop, pet, work on the next foot.

    The front grow quicker then the back but you should be able to get them done in a few mins.

    I have one cat (6 yrs old) that still complains the entire time I'm clipping her nails! When you are playing with her, handle the feet without clippers so she is used to having her toes/feet touched in a good way.

    BTW I've never had a cat yet that I could not cut nails - only one that took me 2 days to do him, but I got him done!

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    It can sometimes take two people to do this, especially when the kitten has decided she doesn't like it.

    Have some one hold her, one hand holding her around chest and one supporting her bottom. Then you can cut them holding her foot and she can't get away.

    Make sure you're only cutting the tips off, if you cut to far up it will hurt her and she'll definitely not want it done.

    If you still have problems have a vet show you exactly how far to cut and the easiest way to hold her.

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    If your not confident enough to do this yourself then please ask your vet for some tips and advice. I personally find clipping a cats nails is a two person job so try asking a friend to help. This way your friend can restrain your cat while you clip the claws but be careful not to cut them too low. Good luck.

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    If someone could help you, that would be better. What I do is, my son takes the cat in his arms and I cut. I only have difficulty with one so I need to take her to the vet. Be very careful not to cut into the quick. That is really painful and will bleed....

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    Cats in general don't like their feet touched. If you can't trim them yourself take her to a groomer and have them done. It shouldn't cost that much and will keep you and your kitten from getting hurt by accident.

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    If you aren't using proper nail clippers, made for animals, it is extremely painful to them. Their skin is actually in their nails. You have to be very careful. If you cant quite get it, take her to a groomer.

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    take her to the vet and let them show you how to do it so she won't be so nervous when you do. cats don't like getting there nail clipped so don't expect her to like it

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