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Do my dreams mean something?

i rarely dream anymore, i never remember them if i do dream. but here lately im doing it a lot! it first happened about a week ago,

my first was my friends from school a guy and girl came and wanted my car keys and i said i didn't drive, they smashed all my windows in my home, in the house i didn't have walls, i had windows, turned out they were pranking me...weird prank ha, well from where they did that, glass got in my mouth and i started spitting up blood, no one cared, then i went outside and came back inside and my bf was gone and my mom said he left because she told him to do something and he didn't like it so he left....then i woke up. ha

then the next night i had a zombie dream, now i honestly hate zombies with a passion and believe they could be real one day (hey you never know) ha well i was babysitting my niece like usual and well you got it, zombies attack and well somehow we were in a tree hiding. when i woke up at 6 in the morning i was afraid to move, then i had another dream when i went back to sleep but i remember having it, but not what of, then last night i had a dream i was early in my pregnancy and i felt my lower stomach and could feel this ball (you know like how you can feel in real life its the embryo growing) i had to check this morning when i got up! but there was nothing there!...but a few weeks ago i had a dream of michael myers killing ppl in my family on my grandpas farm and my sister had a dream of my cousin dying, my sister just found out she was pregnant, could i be? it is said if you dream of someone dying someone you know is pregnant. is this the vivid dreams they are always talking about?

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  • 9 years ago
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    It seems to me you are having or will be going through a time of concern/ worry.

    Your dreams represent an issue as paranoia or perhaps too much stress in your daily life.

    Perhaps, you feel you're not getting the right attention from the people you care for. They are not there for you as you thought they would be, or you expect them to be.

    God bless

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