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TB Test After Live Vaccine?

So.... I applied for a job as a diatery host within a hospital. They haven't "hired" me officially yet, but they just did the background screening and they are moving on to get me to do a drug test. Later I have to get a TB (tuberculosis) test.

Anyway, I have to be up-to-date on my shot record. I thought I was, but when I went to my doctor to see my record, it showed that I was missing three shots (one being optional). So, I went to the department of health in my town and got the missing shots. Right after I got my shots, the nurse mumbled that I couldn't take a TB test for 6 weeks being that I just took a live vaccine.

That was last week and they are wanting me to take a TB test pretty soon (may be a week or so) after I finish my drug test, which is today! What should I do?!

I gave the hospital my shot record and they haven't made a comment about not being able to take a TB test. Should I just not say anything and go ahead with the TB test?

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    She is correct:

    [QUOTE]Can TSTs Be Given To Persons Receiving Vaccinations?

    Vaccination with live viruses may interfere with TST reactions. For persons scheduled to receive a TST, testing should be done as follows:

    Either on the same day as vaccination with live-virus vaccine or 4-6 weeks after the administration of the live-virus vaccine

    At least one month after smallpox vaccination[/UNQUOTE]

    The tuberculosis test they are recommending to you is the tuberculin mantoux skin test.

    There are other tests for tuberculosis.

    1. You can get a chest X-ray,

    2. You can get a Quadriferon gold test, which is a blood test in which blood is drawn from you,

    3. You can get a sputum test.

    The Quadriferon gold test and sputum test are very expensive and not all health care establishments provide them. In some states, the test must be paid for by the employer, so they may balk at the high price tag, but it is your right to refuse the tuberculin mantoux skin test and request an alternative test to protect your health.

    They paid for your vaccines and drug test, I assume, so they already have an investment in you.

    I suggest to you that you go back to the place where you got the vaccines and ask to talk to that nurse and ask for some kind of verification of the advice she mumbled to you, otherwise no one will believe you. Do not be surprised if they act like they do not know what you are talking about.

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