Computer Graphics Card, question, worth getting a good one, read please...?

Ok, so it's well known that a high power PC will kick a consoles butt but a low power will get owned, but although the difference on Crysis is huge between low and high but on GTA and some others, I can't tell the difference, I have a fairly powerful all in one PC with a terrible graphics card, worth forking out for a good one?

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  • 8 years ago
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    To have your computer perform better than a console you will need extreme good and expensive hardware. You see, the hardware in a console is dedicated to gaming so it can perform extremely well with average hardware. A PC on the other hand, has to keep track of all those other processes going on, like the very big demanding OS and all its resource consuming processes, plus your usual software.

    So, in order for the PC to outperform a a console, you better get the best of the best from the hardware rack. Depending on the rest of the hardware in the PC you talk about (CPU, memory, motherboard) it could be worth to replace the GPU. But that implies the rest of the hardware should be of high quality and very fast. Only then it is worth to get a high-end GPU, because otherwise for example the CPU could bottleneck your PC's performance - leaving you with a top-notch GPU which is unable to perform at its best.

  • 3 years ago

    maximum possibly no longer because of the fact the indoors aspects offered aftermarket on a commercial account do certainly value that much less. So in case you knew somebody else that he outfitted a working laptop or pc for and that they have run theirs for 6 months and are nevertheless chuffed, then you certainly acquire a deal. while you are the 1st to purchase and he has no track record then this is a case of you get what you pay for and regardless of if this is basically too stable to be actual, then this is not any longer actual. the guideline is often enable the customer pay attention

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