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how to deal with pregnant moody partner?

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    Pregnancy hormones are not an excuse to be nasty. If she's just moody, then unfortunately like all hormonal things you just have to wait until it passes. If she's moody and being a b itch, then that's something she should be able to control and (once it passes and she's in a good mood again) you should calmly suggest to her that taking it out on you won't help anyone. Far too many women use hormones as an excuse and (speaking as a woman) it's just not fair on the rest of the world and it gives the rest of us a bad name. Self-control is not impossible when you're hormonal.

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    My husband is going through the same thing and struggling. I'm 18 weeks pregnant with first baby and am happy one minute, crying the next or screaming at him over something that really isn't important. What you need to understand is that we really really don't try to be awkward but it is something we can't help. My husband is starting to take things personally which then makes me feel worse so I then react worse.

    Please be patient with your wife. This is not her it really is crazy baby hormones. Listen to her, cuddle her if she wants a cuddle or give her space if she wants that too.

    Finally congratulations your gonna be a daddy!!

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    Being pregnant your hormones are everywhere, the best thing to do is do as your told and keep smiling ! The less things you do wrong the less moody she'll be. Good Luck.

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    Be very kind, patient and understanding. Remember this mood won't last forever. And maybe find somewhere you can go and scream occasionally.

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    When she starts and argument/ gets mad at you for something out of your control just agree with her, don't argue. Its the only way my poor husband has survived thus far haha

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    Just be patient and understanding. A woman can't control these emotions. If she says something mean to you, just let it go.

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    Shove a sock in her her mouth, and throw her in a closet! =]

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