How many Wars has NATO fought?

I can't seem to read a political question or news article where people bash NATO, say we need to leave the UN and NATO and lock down the country, and all that good stuff. The Libya CONFLICT has only made this more frequent, as have much of the news from the middle east uprisings. However, people seem to hate NATO the most. Kudos if you can tell me why we (the U.S.) should leave NATO, but im more interested in how many conflicts it has been involved in since its 1949 founding.


By "NATO" i mean the alliance officially, like was done during the Yugoslav wars and in Libya. Korea I think was more of a "peace keeping force", minus the Soviet Union, much like the Congo Wars, and Vietnam I believe was predominately American/Austrailia supported. Correct me if I'm wrong though, please.

Update 2:

I know what NATO is. I'm just saying, some conflicts had NATO heavily involved in them. Others were dominated by one group. Conflicts don't have to have entire alliance support for them. I said I don't recall Vietnam as a NATO fight because several countries, one of the big ones being Britain, did not want to send anyone. Most Non-American Support came from South Pacific Countries like Taiwan, the Philipines, and Austrialia. That's what I mean. Also, there are times when its a U.N. alliance that assists the country, such as the people currently in the Eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Update 3:

And by "doesn't have to have entire alliance support them, I meant if the nation went ahead in a conflict, without an attack on a member state such like what got us into my current key example, Vietnam. I'm Sorry if im wording my details poorly!

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    NATO was involved in:

    Bosnian War - Serbian forces were committed a campaign called "ethic cleansing" against Bosnian Muslims and Bosnian Croats. NATO enforced a UN-authorized no fly zone to provide close air support for United Nations Protection Force(UNPROFOR) upon request in case the UN designated-zones was attacked by Bosnian Serbian troops. This was called Operation Deny Flight and is the first time NATO participated in war history. After Bosnian Serbian troops continue to commit massacres and continue attack UN designated-zones that were meant to protect Bosnian Muslims refugees(Srebrenica massacre came in mind) and following the Markale massacres committed by Bosnian Serbs, NATO retaliated by launching Operation Deliberate Force to bomb Bosnian Serbian targets to in order to get them to negotiated a surrender. This was successfully and resulted Dayton Agreement which ended the Bosnian War. This was the first NATO win in history.

    Kosovo War - The KLA(Kosovo Liberation Army) started the Kosovo war against the Serbians unlike the Bosnian War. Sure, the KLA was terrorizing Serbian targets in the run up to Kosovo conflict, but it was after Albanians have been treated as second class citizens, have no civil rights, and barred from practicing their culture by the Serbs many many times by Yugoslav President Milosevic. Serbian troops decided to engage another campaign of ethic cleansing of Albanians and the UN feared that it would repeat the same actions as the Serbs did in Bosnia. After Milosevic ignored by the UN and NATO many times to stop, NATO launched Operation Allied Force to bomb Serbian troops to stop killing all the Albanians. After 78 day of bombing Serbia, Serbian troops withdraw from Kosovo and the Albanians were free from being targeted by Serbian troops. This is the first time the air-power alone was won.

    Afghanistan - When 9/11 hits the United States in which 2,968 people were killed, NATO got together and adopted "Article 5 of the NATO Charter" for the first time in its history. The Article says that an attack on any member shall be considered to be an attack on all. That's why NATO went in Afghanistan. We got the killing of several Al-Qaeda leaders like Bin Laden and other Taliban leaders.

    Operation Ocean Shield - This is an operation in which NATO was trying to combat the piracy in Somalia.

    Libya - Gaddafi was trying to kill his own people and since most of the oil come from Europe, Europe decided to intervene and asked the USA to help out. This is the first time that NATO is not US-led unlike Bosnia, Kosovo, and Afghanistan.

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    The North Atlantic Treaty Organization was created as a deterrent force against the Soviet bloc during the Cold War. With the dissolution of the Soviet Union, NATO became more of a peacekeeping and intervention force. NATO was not involved in the Korean War, even though most of its member nations were.

    Since the end of the Cold War, NATO forces have been involved in Bosnia and Kosovo, Afghanistan (yes, the invasion was a NATO operation), and currently in Libya. One of the principles of NATO is that an attack on one nation is an attack on all, which is why NATO was involved in the invasion of Afghanistan and the ouster of the Taliban government there.

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    I'm not entirely sure you know what NATO is.

    NATO= North Atlantic Treaty Organization, it's comprised of allied nations. The organization constitutes a system of collective defense whereby its member states agree to mutual defense in response to an attack by any external party.

    To put it simple, it's a group of countries that have agreed to defend one another if one country gets attacked. So essentially almost every single conflict since after WW2...

    List of NATO countries in alphabetical order:






    Czech Rep





















    United Kingdom

    United States of America

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    cold war

    bosnia war

    kosovo war


    ocean shield



    I don't think NATO was involved in Vietnam because America invaded without being attacked, the only reason were there was to try to stop the spread of Communism communism. without a member of Nato being attacked by another country NATO does not take part.

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    The rebels have become killed on the floor. NATO is struggling with from 30,000 ft. no longer particularly what i might call struggling with their conflict for them. And confident, the Libyan people have confirmed gratitude for this help.

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