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Is there any doubt that AJ Burnett should NOT be in the rotation?

He sucks. Period. Here's the rotation






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  • 9 years ago
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    The Yankees are hesitant to pay his big salary and not use him. But at a certain point, you've just got to take the loss, like they did with Kei Igawa, and field the best team you can regardless of bad deals you've made in the past. Burnett has great stuff and he's a good teammate, but he's too heady to pitch in New York. You could move him to the bull pen as the mop up guy if that's the only option, but I would prefer to find a way to make a deal to move him to a small market club with a good pitching coach, even eating a lot of his salary, in return for anything we can get. Failing that, I would be happy to give him his outright release. If another team signs him, great, otherwise, I'd rather pay him to sit at home and watch Nova win games on TV than to have him on the mound loosing.

    We don't even need him as a spot starter, with Noesi more than capable of filing that role and several top prospects moving quickly through the minors.

    As for your rotation, there's some wiggle room in that #3, 4, and 5. We'll see as the season moves along. There's no question about #1 and #2 though. CC is clearly the best and Colon has clearly been the next best after him, finding a way to get the job done even when he doesn't have his good stuff. Maybe in a few years, that stem cell therapy he got will become as common as Tommy John surgery. I don't think they'll name it after him, though. I don't think players are going to go around saying they need a Colon injection.

    EDIT: Girardi said it isn't going to happen because of Burnett's "history". Burnett's history in New York is that in 2009, he was good at home and bad on the road. In 2010 he posted the worst statistical season of any starter in franchise history. In 2011, he started off pretty good, but then went downhill, culminating in his terrible most recent start. Burnett has good stuff and he has pitched a few key great games with the Yankees, but he is not capable of going out every 5 days and delivering an acceptable performance playing for New York. I'm sure there are other teams that believe they can make him work. Let them try and good luck to him. I wish him well, as I do for all the former Yankees that I like who have lost their stuff, like Chin Ming Wang who is now getting another shot at returning to the majors, and sadly not doing so well. But Burnett should not start another game for the Yankees.

    EDIT: @How Would I Know, you don't replace Burnett with the Hughes who had the mysterious arm problems early in the season, you replace him with the Hughes who has been getting progressively better for his last 3 starts. If Hughes sinks back down to where he was, Noesi would be a better choice to take the #5 starter spot and failing that, there are several good pitchers at AAA.

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  • 9 years ago

    The other day when Michael Kay said the Yankees have 6 starting pitchers who are "throwing the ball well" I could only come up with 5, the 5 guys you list in the rotation here.

    Obviously CC Sabathia is the #1 starter, but I don't see the other 4 fitting in any specific spot 2-5. If I was the manager I'd just have the problem of what order to put Colon, Garcia, Hughes, and Nova in after having Sabathia as #1.

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  • 9 years ago

    Though Hughes is still a wild card, your point is well taken, especially since Girardi himself claimed that the rotation would eventually have to be pared down from 6 to 5. Unfortunately, Burnett's salary and career as a starter might make the move tough. The postseason is a whole other animal, however: Remember, he was not in the rotation last year against Minnesota in the ALDS. We can only hope that happens earlier.

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  • You know uhh its not all aj's fault. He had had 4 quality starts or more and he lost to the royals twice by either 1-0 or 2-0 he lost to cleveland 2-4 he lost to okland 3-2 he lost to chicago 1-0. So obivously he needs run support so thats 5 losses he has had to 9-5=4 8+5 = 13 and 4. that would be his record if the yanks gave him 4 runs or more. Just saying he is better this year than last. when he would get in trouble it would be a 4 run inning + now its a 1 or 2 . Next year better year. He likes martin its just he does not get enough run support. Like he goes 7 innings of 4 runs not bad or 8 innings of 1 run. Not bad. He goes 5.23 innings of 3 runs ok not hot but okay and his team gives him 2. Wtf aj burnett was good in 09 10 he sucked 11 okay 12 improved alot. Plus he likes our pitching coach. I think hughes bullpen. the rotation should be...






    you atleast get 3 or 4 wins.

    and for post season




    now u may ask why aj but remeber game 2 of world series he i think gave up 1 run to the best offence in baseball phillies. and against texas ya he went 6 innings but he was good giving up 1 run except he threw a ball head high to bengie molina(long time yankee killer) and he crushed it. Not only was aj really good he was throwing harder. He needs to throw 93+ consistantly. Aj burnett a somewhat bummer that he isnt 18-10 like 08 but 14-9 is not bad.

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  • europe
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    4 years ago

    tim lincecum has a 5 interest dropping streak aj burnett is in simple terms extraordinarily inconsistent. You never understand what you're gonna get out of him. The yanks won't make it a approaches if he retains this up. they are able to't discover the money for a three guy rotation interior the placed up season.

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  • 9 years ago

    ive been saying that he has to go for a while now i thought earlier in this game he would bring his A game but no he blew it for himself. Nova better stay over AJ hands down

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  • 9 years ago

    Just so I understand what you're trying to say here..

    You'd replace Burnett's 4.23 ERA with Hughes' 6.93 ERA?

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  • 9 years ago

    He gets paid 18 million a year -.- Where else to put him

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