is this a good reference request email?

So, I don't have this persons email and I have to email it directly to the website. Does this sound good? :)

Hi, I volunteer at (__________) every Wednesday from 9 - 2. I am beginning to apply for jobs and am trying to contact (_________) to know if I can use him as a reference for my application. I didn't think to ask him today and this reference would really help me out! If I could somehow get in touch that would be great.



(Phone number)


It's kinda a weird email but I don't want to wait a week to ask this person and completely forgot today so this is my best option.

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  • 9 years ago
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    I think it's good. This email isn't even asking for the reference yet, is it? Just the person's information.

    You should probably make it more formal though. Instead of "Hi" use "Hello" and don't use contractions (use "did not" instead of "didn't").

    Maybe you could try to look up the person, though.

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