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What is your reaction to Mexico, 15 other nations file briefs against Alabama immigration law?

Mexico and 15 other nations filed briefs this afternoon against Alabama's strict new immigration law, saying it threatened the rights of their citizens and raised “substantial challenges” to the countries’ relationship with the United States.

"They want to make sure their citizens are treated correctly, and they have a sovereign interest in the way in which immigration law is carried out by the United States," said Edward Still, a Birmingham attorney who filed the briefs on behalf of the nations. "They want to have one immigration law and not 50."

Now why are these same nations not suing mexico ? Example-MEXICO CITY - The Salvadoran single mother was hoping to support her children in the United States. Instead, gunmen from the Zeta drug cartel kidnapped her in Mexico and forced her to cook, clean and endure the rapes of multiple men.

Now the survivor of this terrifying three-month ordeal is a witness for a growing group of legislators, political leaders and advocates who are calling for action against the trafficking of women for sexual exploitation in Mexico.

As organized crime and globalization have increased, Mexico has become a major destination for sex traffic, as well as a transit point and supplier of victims to the United States. Drug cartels are moving into the trade, preying on immigrant women, sometimes with the complicity of corrupt regional officials, according to diplomats and activists.

"If narcotics traffickers are caught, they go to high-security prisons, but with the trafficking of women, they have found absolute impunity," said Rosi Orozco, a congresswoman in Mexico and sponsor of a proposed new law against human trafficking.

In Mexico, thousands of women and children are forced into sex traffic every year, Orozco said, most of it involving lucrative prostitution rings.

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Why are not other nations suing Mexico ?

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago
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    Mexico put its military and police forces on its porous, zigzagged, mountainous, crime-ridden southern border with Guatemala. Chiapas – the South Carolina-sized southern Mexican state that shares the longest border with Guatemala – is Mexico's poorest, most illiterate state. About Chiapas, one United Nations human rights commissioner said, "Mexico is one of the countries where illegal immigrants are highly vulnerable to human rights violations and become victims of degrading sexual exploitation and slavery-like practices, and are denied access to education and health care."

    Do Mexicans appreciate the way America has allowed so many poor, Mexican illegals to enter the United States? No. According to a recent Zogby poll, 73 percent of Mexicans call Americans "racist"! When asked whether the United States' wealth comes from freedom and "plenty of opportunity to work," 70 percent of Americans agreed, while only 22 percent of Mexicans agreed. Sixty-two percent of Mexicans said America became wealthy because "it exploits others' wealth." While Americans, according to the poll, see Mexicans as hard-working (78 percent), Mexicans think of Americans as racist, intolerant and not very hard-working.

    If so many Mexicans consider Americans racist, why do polls show that nearly half of Mexico's inhabitants say that their lives would improve if they could work here illegally?

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  • 9 years ago

    50 different laws, 1000 different laws!

    SO WHAT?

    That is why we have separate countries!

    I can't even believe we hear it. Just chatter, like the sound of flies buzzing around.

    We can never hearken to international sniveling PERIOD!

    Mexico, has a beautiful land. Their culture is pathetic, resulting in corruption, desolation, murder, poverty, and simply chaos. It will never end unless they FIX their own beautiful country. The more culturally self destructive losers that we import, the sooner we will be a desolation, as we are now becoming. Lincoln wanted to colonize the slaves to DR South america. He knew what the cost would be to keep them. I agree that they stayed here, because the early colonists brought them, but there is no reason to mass import losers, when we are already going DOWN!

    We do not need to teach them, nor hear their sniveling.

    Lock down the borders, and send every illegal immigrant OUT!!

    Tell Calderon to shove it! Treat your own citizens correctly so they do not come here.

    Source(s): Life
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  • Its outrageous. Mexico doesnt even have the right to talk. Do you know what they do to people who enter their country illegaly? They throw you in jail, steal your car and all of your money, and then after a wonderful 5 year term in a rat infested mexican prison, they let you call your family back in America so that they can wire over a few hundred dollars to the police, and THEN they release you from jail, but without your car or anything you had on you when you were arrested. The Mexican government is so hypocritical and full of idiots that I would love nothing more than to see a natural disaster wipe them all out.

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  • 9 years ago

    So right now Mexico has time to take off from, Mexico drug wars have killed 35,000 people in four years-In Mexico, thousands of women and children are forced into sex traffic every year-and these other nations have nothing to say about this ? How many people crossing through Mexico have been kidnapped, robbed and even killed and what is Mexico and 15 other nations doing about that, nothing ? It's hard to see how these countries see Alabama as a far greater priority, than what is going on in their own countries ? In Mexico ..CIUDAD JUAREZ, Mexico (AP) — Mexican authorities say they have detained the director and four guards at a prison in Ciudad Juarez where 17 inmates were killed in fighting last week.

    Chihuahua state prosecutors say in a Tuesday statement that Ciudad Juarez state prison director Lucio Cuevas is accused of giving privileges to some inmates and the four guards of covering up for inmates and corrupting minors.

    Why doesn't Mexico try fixing it's own country, before they tell others how to run their's ?

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  • 9 years ago

    What is my reaction? I want to throw up!

    It's just too wonderful to have a failed 3rd world narco-state dictate immigration policies to the United States of Mexico.

    I'm sure Obama and Holder will be happy to assist them in any way they possibly can, against a state in our formerly sovereign nation.

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  • 9 years ago

    I know the illegals can't call her Sweet Home Alabama anymore that's for sure ;)!!!

    They have no right to sue us, this law is not an anti-immigrant one, but rather an anti-ILLEGAL law. Treated correctly? In what way? THEY BROKE THE LAW!! they're far as I'm concerned they can kiss Alabama's a$$, Alabama is just doing the right thing...

    Source(s): A Texan of Mexican descent; God Bless Texas, God Bless Alabama, and may The Lord Bless The USA
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  • 9 years ago

    You think it is bad there I know 5 places in Houston where the place is a illegal bar and a whore house for illegal women to pay off their cross over money . I talked to a friend who showed me where most of the where . It is sad how the cops here take bribes to leave these places alone .

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  • Gaijin
    Lv 7
    9 years ago

    A lot of good it'll do them.But,we'll charge them millions for the legal aspect then tell them they have no right to protest a U.S. federal law much less a state law requiring background checks of their illegals.I wonder if this would open the door to a lawsuit of our own to recup money lost in feeding,housing and deporting their citizens.we might even be able to sue them for not taking care of their own citizens...we could call it Mexican citizen support (similar to our child support.)

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  • 9 years ago

    Illegals have no rights!

    And our U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that our state and federal laws are sovereign from other countries laws. So the lawsuit will be dismissed and tossed out. Just as all the illegals here should be.

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  • 9 years ago

    The judge will see it as it is, a political statement without standing in American law. Unless the suit is in the 9th circuit court - which seems to view American law as deficient in liberal compassion.

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