Is every famous actor in the Screen Actor's Guild?

Is every famous actor in the Screen Actor's Guild? Is it necessary to get more work? And if so, why? Not that I wanna be an actor or anything, but I'm learning about the film industry and there's a bunch of questions that have come up in my head that I just need answers to!

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  • 9 years ago
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    Yes- at one time. That is my short answer. There are of course independent actors like Tim Roth. The reason I didn't say no, because that is a, longer answer too, was because "yes" in this case fits how Hollywood runs. There is a term widely used in Hollywood, one that consequently you don't want to hear when your name's attached. Blackballed. It means no one wants to hire you. If you are blackballed you run every expectation to make a come back in the indie world. No, every famous person is not on the Screen Actor's Guild, they run into problems with keeping professional ties as all or any of the other businesses out there. They also don't want the basic fees. Some actors are famous but have issues getting work for reasons like drugs or bad media. So yes, usually at first they join, but the moment one hits what's called "A-list" status, they come onto flat rates. First off, you don't want to be blackballed, secondly, if they aren't in the Actors Guild, they have to be very good, example - i.e. Al Pacino. Al Pacino is his own manager and everybody who works in the business knows his "flat fees". These are admirable as well. Flat fees means you don't have to work the minimum. All in all here, If I were a famous actor, I would not want to join in the screen actors guild until I've worked with a few people already and a few studios. Studios are great for getting people more work after you've made them over 50 million in box office from your good performance. This ends the need to hire an expensive manager and agents you may only see once or twice a year or when the offer is really good. Agents can find work but an A-lister ( someone who is a famous celebrity - people are famous but don't always have A-list status ) that has made a couple movies will not have problems finding movies, they come to him. I hope you have gotten a lot of things to think about. I want you to be pricked on the mention of the word Blackballed though, because I'm not done- Blackballed, means you aren't even mentioned at the guild. When one no longer get opportunities, they no longer want the fees that the guild has to offer, so they look at making movies on a different distribution scale. The thing is, one does not want to get in bad with the guild, it looks very bad because they are highly respected. Some people can ruin their careers by trying to set up their own contracts and pay structure. And think about the S.A.G. awards. They most often do not encompass many A-list actors. The Academy has lots of A-list members, but I don't think S.A.G. has as many A-listers on their side. It's hard to find a job without being on the Screen Actors Guild, many shady people in L.A. - who knows where they come from. Much of the time lawyers will be there to protect their shady friends so having a contact and being a part of the Screen Actors Guild is a big deal. Do you remember the writing strike? Many writers were losing their jobs because the Guild was so highly looked upon. By the way, that's where we come into documentary filming and real TV. It really started to peak when they lost all of those writers due to the strike.

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