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What is a "Drive" in Football?

I heard someone say how long does there drive usually last? whats that? Is it the 10 yards before 1st down, or is it the entire possession before they turn over the ball or they score?

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    its a series which means the amount of time a certain side of a team is on the field before ending in a touchdown, turnover, punt and/or field goal. i guess it usually lasts at between 3 to 10 minutes i guess. factors including injuries, time outs, running the ball vs passing and turnovers and length of a run/pass or incompletions have to do with the length of time.

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    It's the entire possession before they turn the ball over or score. However, it's usually not considered a drive unless they get three or more first downs.

    You don't have to score for it to be a drive. A drive can also end with a turn over, on downs, or a missed field goal.

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    A drive is a series of plays by a team's offense that lasts until ended by a score, turnover, or punt. A one-play score is not considered a drive. Though by definition a drive is two or more plays, most people only give the term drive to a string of at least 5 plays.

    The term is most commonly used in terms of 4th quarter comebacks, such as John Elway's "The Drive".

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    a drive is when the offense has the ball and scores.

    announcers will usually say something like "that TD caps off a 73 yard drive"

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    when the offense has the ball and pushes their way to score

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    is it considered as a same drive if the kicking team gets the ball back during the punt

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    This is an interesting question, and one that made me curious for many years.

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