Are Turkic people considered Asian or Caucasian?

Many of the nations that are considered Turkic like Turkey, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, etc., have people that look Caucasian, but are considered by some people to be ethnically Asian. Does anyone know which characterization is correct?

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    10 years ago
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    The Turanid race is the race of the Turkish people. We Turks have are own race, or sub-race, that it is considered a branch of Caucasian. Basically, the original Turks were white (pale) skinned people with Asiatic eyes (like Hedo Turkoglu and Ilhan Mansiz), unique in their appearance. Early records by the Chinese indicate that Turks looked "different" from them, and I even read some sources that say they had red or blonde hair. The Turks that look Caucasian have either maintained their pure genetics or mixed with Caucasians, while the Turks that look more oriental probably have mixed with Mongolians and Chinese, but they still retain their Caucasian features. If you look carefully, Uighur Turks in China are much more Caucasian looking than Chinese.

    Source(s): I'm Turkish
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    Turks have been considered to be ethnic people (not a nation or race) since West's central world policy "Anti-Turk policies" were at its peak. (like Armenias center policy being "Turks killed us") The truth is the only race whose roots are lost to us are Turks. It is unknown to spectators where they came from. Only people that understands Turk culture have ideas. There are people all over the world that are "said to be" Turks like some Native Americans, some Europeans, some Scandinavians, Hungarians, Ukranians, ex-Soviet countries that doesn't have Turk in their names, Egyptians (Masarians), Afghans, Pakistanis, West China (East Turkestan - Uygurs), etc.

    It is clear that all these people look very different ranging from dark to pale skin, yellow to black hair, etc. So nobody can say Turks are white. And European mentality would "never" accept that Turks are white, as that would mean "Turks are our equals".

    Hundreds of years of brainwashing among Europeans that they are better than Turks, is one of the reasons why and hundreds of years of Turks being ignorant not giving any interest to what others think of them lead to Turks being aggressive to Europeans that look down on them after Ataturk rekindled the Turkish identity among Turks.

    So no. The average European would consider Turks to be middle Easterners (isn't there a near east? or a west East?), Muslims, ignorant, and "not white"

    Traveling to Istanbul, even I do not consider Turks white.

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    Caucasian is a race. Europe is a continent. Portuguese is a ethnic group. they're eu Caucasians, specifically Portuguese. Portugal is nowhere close to Asia, this is totally close to to Morocco (African united states).

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    if u study the history u will see most of the turkic tribes who have emerged through history have been whites like seljuks cumans khazars kipchaks bulgars scythians ...., so i believe original turks are blond/ white.

    just search about those names, i can give u references if u need.

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