Tom Bradys vs. Peyton Manning?

I've heard alot on this topic and yesterday some one came up with an interesting point and was wondering what ya'll think.

His friend said Peyton Manning has a worse team them Brady, and Peyton Manning still managaes to win games etc.. making him the better QB.. And that with our with out the team Peyton is still a better QB skill wise...

My friend said: Okay lets pretend Peyton Manning is better skill wise the Tom Brady, and his team is worse. Even though the Pats Defenses sucks and his offense since Moss left was really only about passing too tight ends and Wes Welker, and an ocasional screen to Danny. Well pretend all of thats true. So why wouldnt Peyton be better? Well is LeBron better than Micheal Jordan? LeBron took that Cavs, a horrible team, basically by himself to beat the bulls but the lose to the celtics. LeBron is better phycially and hes bigger faster and stronger, so does that make him better than Micheal? Consider LeBron to be Peyton and Micheal to be Brady, so whos better LeBron or Micheal?

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago
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    Jordan > LeBron

    Manning > Brady

  • 8 years ago

    Manning is CLEAR CUT a better quarterback in my view.

    Sure. the man can and has had the privalage to work with great and in Marvin's case legendary pass catchers like Harrison, Wayne and tight end Dallas Clark, but he can also turn average or even bad and inexperienced guys like Garcon, White, Addai, Anthony Gonzalez and even backup Jacob Tamme into threats especially Tamme. Manning is a maestro on audibles and knows how to read a defense like very very few QBs ever had. Manning is more durable than Brady as Manning has NEVER missed a start and is second to Favre in the QB starts category while Brady missed a whole season . Manning has superior and downright scary regular season numbers to any quarterback not named Marino or Favre and is the only 4 time mvp the league has seen. (though I watched Jim Brown and he would've been a 4 time mvp had he not been screwed when Tittle won in 1962 and a young me went WHAT) Not to mention, how many times has number 18 led a comeback and pulled a game out for the Colts. Manning may not have the playoff track record of Brady, but the man does have a ring. Here is a HUGE point of mine, without Brady, Cassell flourished in that system and the Pats didn't miss the playoffs and went 5 and 11. Imagine if Painter took over for the Colts? There is NO WAY the Colts make the playoffs since they don't benefit from the veteran defense or (except Dungy) an really elite coach who knows his xs and 0s. Sure, Peyton had Dungy to play with for th height of Manning's career, but Dungy is more of a cover 2 DEFENSIVE minded coach, while Bill with the Pats is an offensively scheming genious. Manning also I would argue strikes more fear into coordinators than Brady due to Manning's superior arm and also the fact that number 18 is a modern day cap. comeback and can smell a weakness in a defense like a shark smells blood.

    In further comparison, Brady as mentioned HAS benefited from a great defense most of the career especially during that record setting run in 08. Brady also sat behind Drew Bledsoe, who was a good quarterback in his own right. Tom may not have had the pure firepower that Manning benefited from for a long time, but still Wes Welker has been a darn good receiver since coming from Miami, Deion Branch is underrated, and Randy Moss for 2 years with Brady was a BEAST! Brady has 2 more rings largely due to Bellichick and that defense and especially Adam Vinataerri, though Tom played well as well. Without that Tuck rule, Brady has 2 RINGs in my opinion which is only 1 more than Manning.

    Overall, no question Manning is better!

  • R G
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    8 years ago

    Encycopedia your logic is so flawed.

    Manning without a doubt has had better talent around him; i dont need to drop names as you already have.

    You say manning makes his 2nd stringers look good... what does brady do?

    Can you name the receivers brady won his super bowls with? most people cant.

    Prime example of what brady does to receivers is the so called underrated branch. What did he do when he left the pats... absolutely nothing. What did moss do after he left the pats... retire.

    Im not saying either are bad receivers but brady makes them better.

    This year when manning's receiving corps was decimated and he was forced to play with no-names like brady has done for essentially his entire career he threw an onslaught of picks in 3/4 games.

    What did brady do when he lost his deep threat? He adapted and started throwing to rookie tight ends to win the first unanimous mvp.

    Brady and manning both elite qb's.... but i think brady gets the slim edge.

  • Buck
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    8 years ago

    Peyton Manning

    He has led his team to double digit wins nearly every season since he has been there!

    The SB ring defense is weak because that 1 person didn't win or lose it for the team in a team sport.... Just ask Adam Vinatieri.... The field Goal kicker who got Brady those rings

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  • Chaos
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    8 years ago

    Like that other guy said,

    Michael Jordan > LeBron James

    Peyton Manning > Tom Brady

  • 8 years ago

    Tom Brady wins rings. Something Manning only did once. Brady's done it 3 times. I think Brady will do it at least one more time, so I have to say Brady is better.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Okay but i gotta go brady more rings and just a better player but a inch

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Tom bradys better

  • 8 years ago

    You think way too much, and it sounds like your having a panic attack. Who cares about the NBA here?

    I'd say a tie for 2nd for them, behind A Rodgers!

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