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Which person has come closest to ruling the entire world?

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    No one.

    - The person who did probably come closest to ruling (or rather reigning over) the world was George V; during his reign, the British Empire held sway over about 458 million people, one-quarter of the world's population at the time, and covered more than 33,700,000 km2 (13,012,000 sq mi) - almost a quarter of the Earth's total land area.

    - Alexander the Great conquered and ruled most of the known world of the time

    - The Achaemenid Empire under Darius the Great encompassed some 1 million square miles and was the greatest empire the world had yet seen

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    Actually It was Philip II of Spain, he inherit the Austria-Hungarian empire, as well as unified Spain with Portugal (with all of their colonies). Also he conquer Flanders and other european countries. At this time it was the highest of the Spanish empire with almost 100% of central and south America, almost 40% of north america, some parts of Africa, and Asia.

    Here is a map (unfortunatelly in Spanish)


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    General Secretary of United Nations.

    It is in his job description.

    But in more practical terms of having orders obeyed - Queen Victoria.


    With candidates ruling or pretending to rule over all continents, candidates who had no idea about an existance of the half of the land and who ruled only over part of the land they knew about should be disqualified from the contest immediately.


    Note that "Alexander ruled almost all of the world known to Greeks" is a hyperbola which has nothing to do with reality. Alexander had ruled only over 3 states and national blocks - Macedon, Greece and Persian Empire.

    Greeks knew about many other countries and regions Alexander did not rule over. Here is the partial list of those places

    India, Scythia, Italy, Sicilia, Illiria, Arabia, Numidia, Libya, Spain. Some Greeks even knew about Britain calling it Tin Islands.

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    No one's ever really been in a position to rule the entire world. However, Darius the Great ruled the Achaemenid Empire; though it controlled only a small part of the globe, it is estimated to have contained about 45% of the entire world's population at the time. (5th century BC)

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    The Mongolian Empire beginning with Genghis Khan had an empire the likes of which the modern world has never seen. If they so chose, they could have expanded it as far as they wished to. Also, it was the Mongols and their empire that truly allowed, for the first time, constant trade between the east and the west. No other empire had done that up to that point but because of the sheer scope and size of that particular empire, it became the norm. I agree with "Diana T" in that no one person every has but the Mongols not the British had the most profound impact on opening up one part of the world to the other.

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    Well, not that Hitler came the closest, but he had the potential to do it. Had Japan not attacked America, and had America not "kidnapped" German scientists during the second WW and Germany created the first Nuclear device... well enough said. If Pearl Harbor hadn't happened, Hitler most likely could have achieved his goal and conquered the world.

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    Genghis Khan and his successors managed to rule from China to the borders of Poland. The Mongols probably had more people under their rule (expressed as a percentage of the world's population) than any other rulers prior to the 20th century.

    Source(s): John Man, "Genghis Khan: Life, Death and Resurrection" and "Kublai Khan"
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    Queen Victoria.

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    im going by the speech the terrorist guy made in iron man. Ghengis kahn

    but i do know another random fact who was the man who killed the most people.

    some people say staln

    others say hitler

    still others say napoleon

    but actually the person who reportedly killed the most people is.........

    chairman mao :)

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    No ones become close to taking over the world. But if your talking power hungry people who have tryed .. I'd have to say either the USA or Joseph Stalin.

    Stalin killed off his best friends in his rise of power. He even had a pact with Hitler in 1939 untill Hitler broke the deal by sending spies into Stalins military in the 1940s.

    However in the long run Stalin did stop the Germans from taking "his" land. And he killed millions of people doing so...

    FOR MORE : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joseph_Stalin#Pact_wi...

    Source(s): School, Brain, Internet!
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