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Is my benign essential tremor related to my heat sensitivity?

Im a teenager who has been diagnosed with benign essential tremor, but im also very sensitive to the heat. I was wondering if they have anything to do with each other. Over the past few years during tennis season I've noticed that I over heat way faster than anyone else on my team or other teams for that matter. I'm not overweight and I'm in pretty good shape so I don't get it. I was just curious to see if my disorder had anything to do with my intolerance to heat. Does it? Please respond ASAP! Thanks.

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    um, where's the cancerous mass..

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    Hi I was diagnosed with benign essential tremor this year a month after I turned 15 in February and been dealing with a LOT with the disorder. Heat is related to the tremors and can increase the shaking so drink lots of water ALWAYS when out in the sun. I learned to stay away from corn syrup and sugar it takes away the tremors. I hope I helped out. If have any more question feel free to email me anytime.

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