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What places or locations(San Jose, milpitas CA area) can I hold my high school graduation party at?

like where there has to be tickets for each person you invite and less expensive if the whole family of a person's comes over. I am looking particularly for a community center large room, or something similar to that? in the san jose, milpitas area? like a large area?

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    Good large venues in SJ Milpitas for graduation party alike…..less expensive…what about Zahir’s Café?

    It is located at 174 Calaveras Blvd in Milpitas. This venue can accommodate banquets or parties up to 85 guests. Of course, I think this is large enough for your graduation party. Intimate, vibrant and friendly atmosphere, fresh California and European cuisines, diversified and long banquet menus……personally, I think it is a prefect pick.

    If you are currently available, I suggest you to pay a visit to this venue in person.

    By the way, if you want more options, you can check this website. Pretty helpful!

    Oh, nearly forgot! Best wishes for your graduation ^ ^

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