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MY CAMERA says memory card error?

my camera is a canon powershot sd 750. ive been using the same sd card in this same camera for 4 years. all of a sudden i uploaded some pics, put it back in my camera and it says memory card error as soon as i turn on the camera. when i go look at my pics it says the same thing and at the bottom it also says memory card locked. i am leaving for cali tomorrow morning and need help I have no money to download anything. And i shouldnt have to. I didnt do anything to the stupid sd card. life just hates me can you please help thank you

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    Life doesn't hate you. Here's troubleshooting steps for SD card errors (no money needed or asked for):

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    Memory Card Error

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    Look on the side of the card, there will be a small white switch, be sure it's in the unlocked position. It sometimes can get moved and then the card becomes locked. A 4 year old card should be replaced with a new one, over time they wear out and you don't want to take a bunch of pics and have none saved due to an old, defective card.

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    Absolutely - 4 years old? Good gosh! These cards should be replaced every 6-months to a year.

    Just buy another card or three.

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    For the best answers, search on this site

    Memory cards can go bad, as well as getting locked by accident. If it is not locked by the manual switch which would be indicated by either a lock symbol or the words "Lock" or "Hold" then I would probably say your card is toast. Hope I helped good luck.

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