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R&P: Which one of these Danny Elfman songs do you like the most?

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(from Edward Scissorhands. I think this one is the best)

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BQ:What's your favorite movie out of them?

Big Fish is my favorite.

BQ2:Who's your favorite film director?


@Erowid - you gave a good answer but I think whenever people see you, they thumb you down because of that 313 thing. lol

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    Ice Dance for me too.

    BA : Edward Scissorhands

    BA2 : uhm.. now I'm stuck on Harmony Korine.

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    Of the 3, I have to go with Edward Scissorhands for the movie and the theme, but my fave Tim Burton movie is Beetlejuice and Danny Elfman's theme for it is epic...

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    I love Tim Burton, but I'm a Tarantino freak.

  • Everything Danny Elfman does is gold

    BQ: Edward Scissor hands

    BQ2: Tim Burton Martin Scorsese, Andy Warhol (yes he directed films too), Spike Jonze, Wes Anderson

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  • Jon
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    8 years ago

    Ice Dance is epic

    BQ- Big Fish

    BQ2- Probably Kubrick

  • 8 years ago

    Ice Dance as alright. You can't go wrong with his work with Oingo Boingo.

    BQ: Big Fish

    BQ2: David Lynch

    **yea its been this way for a while

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