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Any News Of Any New Crash Bandicoot Games>?


Thanks Flame Roon But I Was Specifically Askin For A Date Or News Or Name Of Any New Game

Update 2:

Thats Upcoming

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    Unfortunately, nothing has come up. Activision has, however, renewed their license for the Crash Bandicoot franchise to keep for another 10 years, meaning they will do something with it, most likely. Otherwise, there has not been any news of anything. Sad, but at least we can still play the games we have now. I am discouraged somewhat by how Activision handled Spyro the Dragon as a franchise (albeit the new Skylanders game is not that bad on a closer look) and how it's been confirmed that they took the rights to Crash away from Radical Entertainment, as R.E. made practically the most innovative Crash games in the series. They do so many new things with it, so knowing Activision took the rights to Crash away from them is not only a bad sign for the franchise, but sad too. But the franchise is probably not dead, just not being used yet.

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    In a live action ps4 trailer there was a sign with a silhouette of crash. And arrow sign above him then a logo that looks like song entertainment.

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