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I have a few questions about teen wolf on mtv? ?

Ok at the beginning of the show derrick says his sister went looking for the alpha, was she looking just to find out who he was or to kill him? And did she not notice he was killing all the people involvd in the fire or then (when she was looking) was he killing random ppl bcuz he was half in a coma half a alphaa... and in onna the episodes.. the alpha sed " do u kno how hard it was heelin cell by cell, slowin becoming the alpha" ... blah blah blah.. does it evr say who was the alpha before he became? ... and one othr question i saw on yahoo says there was 2 alphas.. so was the uncle just becoming to second alpha? Who do you think is the first?

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    She was the First death in the Series, the Alpha (Dericks Uncle) took her list of suspects (I think) and then went after people who might have had something to do with the fire. and if not from the list, just people who had a Connection with Arson or the Fire. there wasn't 2 Alphas, when he said Slowly healing, Cell by Cell, it meant he was Changing from a Beta (Like Scott and Derick) to an Alpha. Derick's dad Was probably an Alpha, but he is dead so the Alpha of the Hale "Pack" is Now Dericks Uncle, I guess. And I think she was just looking for the Alpha to see who it was, not to Kill him.

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    well the killings pretty much started out with her, he wasn't an Alpha until he killed her cause she was their familiy's Alpha. He's out to get revenge on everyone who was involved in the house fire. I think she might of been investigating the fire. In the last episode Scott has a flashback from Peter and it shows she spotted him in the woods either he was about kill her and it was trap or he pretty much didn't have a working brain and killed her idk. It would've been hard for him to concentrate on killing the responsible ones with being in the half minded state he was in so he would've had to kill Laura to become the Alpha and heal quicker. Idk if there are other Alpha's yet but Peter is responsible for all of the killings in the town, now idk if he is for the attack in the school but so far it's only one but the show creator hinted thst there could be more than one.

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