what is the best for fast leveling in wow?

i wanna know what is best for leveling up FAST......i have an ele shaman lvl 40, MM hunter lvl 40,sub rogue lvl 15 , arms warrior lvl 29 .........plz answer me coz i want to have at last just one lvl 85 chara


and i don't have any lvl 85 characters ......... and i want to know what class will be best for lvling up so fast i am not asking how i do that

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    8 years ago
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    Any of them, seriously. After cataclysm, the xp needed to max out was decreased, and xps given by quests was increased, and DPS specs for leveling are a non-issue.

    So pick the class you enjoy the most (so you don't get bored and stop halfway though) and just go at it. Quest when you can, and put yourself in the queue for a dungeon, while you do it. You can level through pvp but its pretty damn slow, especially if you are losing.

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    Do dungeons , you get lots of exp from the enemies and quests in there as well as better gear, and while you are in the que for a dungeon do some questing. And if you arent part of a guild yet join one, you get bonus exp gain for your guys. Once you get a chara up to lvl 85 you can buy some heirloom gear which really helps with your other characters leveling up speed. Stick to one of your characters, either the shammy or hunter and you will get to lvl 85 in no time

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