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Where can i buy vans in poland?

i came for holiday here and i want my vans now ! im in a little town called Olkusz and its between katowice and krakow and i can go anywhere justt name a shop ;D


Yeahh thats whatt i thought they dont have it /:

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    Sure you can get Vans in Poland.

    I've been to Olkusz once, but i am really clueless about the town.

    You would find Vans in a skateshop in Poland. Maybe this one would have them:

    Otherwise.. wait for a better answer, or hop on a train to Krakow:

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    you also should try at Dąbrowa Górnicza it is city 5 km from Olkusz and has population 3 times biger then Olkusz

    Vans products often can be found at diverse and cropp stores in Poland

    address to Diverse store at Dąbrowa Gornicza :

    Jana III Sobieskiego 6, 41-300 Dąbrowa Górnicza

    Sklep Odzieżowy Diverse (C.H. Pogoria)

    First try this shop Cropp store at Olkusz :

    Adress :

    Rabsztyńska 2, 32-300 Olkusz

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    I wasn't born there, but my great grandmother and great grandfather were born there. It's a small town so it's cool to see someone who is there. Anyway, I would suggest the Vans website, E bay, Craigslist, ect.. I'm pretty sure they don't have Vans in Poland. Sorry!

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    try ebay cuz i doubt there would be any stores there that sell them

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