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What aspect of friendship(11th house) is most important to you?

What rules your 11th house and how are they related?

Mercury rules my 11th house. Communication is most important to me. I tend to choose friends who are my intellectual equals. I come across as agressive and emotional due to my 1st house Mars and Moon. But Mercury has the final say. The best way to irritate me is to give me the silent treatment. It's actually physically painful when someone I care about won't speak to me.


Nanodae- Your 11th house is Sag. Jupiter rules Sag therefore Jupiter rules your 11th house.

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  • Sarah*
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    9 years ago
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    Capricorn is on my 11th house cusp. Saturn is the ruler. So the ruler of my 11H is in the 10H.

    I choose my friends wisely and who I hang around with. I am picky about who I have around me, not because I'm a snob, but because I have trust issues and I really don't play well with all people. Some people sicken me. I wish I could be more open minded, but I feel as though the people who I hang around with should REPRESENT ME WELL.

    I've tried to be open minded about other groups of people but I can't.

    There are generally two groups of people I hang around with:

    1. Extremely smart but socially awkward people. Usually women, but some guys. These are usually women who have a hard time expressing emotions but are insightful and emotionally supportive of me. They are career driven and know what they want in life.

    2. Artsy, creative people into music, theatre, or art. If any of these people do drugs it's weed and they don't do it very often. They are usually quiet and into reading. Both men and women are in this category.

    I prefer a few close friendships than a bunch of fake ones. I do not make friends easily and I often feel lonely. Most of my friends are introverts like myself. I like friends who are going to help me achieve success and who I look good with. Again, I'm not going to go out of my way to make friends with a woman who is on welfare, has 3 kids, and is on cocaine.

    Most of my all, i like my friends ot be on time, consistent and loyal. I do consider myself consistent and loyal. At friend events, I am always early and the last person to leave.

    Source(s): Capricorn 11H, Saturn in the 10H Sag sun Leo moon Pisces rising Scorpio Venus
  • mensah
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    4 years ago

    This can supply a deficient feel of self-identification and perhaps a loss of self-trust which might be masked by way of a style of egiotism or bravado. It would possibly appear as 2 men and women inhabit her frame. Her Sun might be largely activated by way of transit planets, in particular the outer ones. The lesser points will have to now not be obvious as extra fundamental despite the fact that considering her Sun has no nice dating with some other planet and it may be that her Sun's vigour performs no aspect or isn't in any reference to the complete. Sometimes her Sun will supply her robust unconscious drives despite the fact that, that may linger beneath the outside, most effective to come back to the outside in nice drive, in particular while aspected by way of transit planets.

  • 9 years ago

    My 11th house is in Leo - but i have no planets there :) However, looking at what you said to Nanodae, i'm guessing that this would refer to the Sun, considering it's Leo's ruling planet, right?

    I need friends who are loyal. That's pretty much all i require. Just friends who let me be me, without any of that 'ohh im so bored' crap. Don't get me wrong, i love fun as much as the next guy, but i also love sitting somewhere and just 'being'. And i need friends who don't mind doing that.

  • 9 years ago

    There aren't any planets in my 11th house? So how do I know what rules it? O.o

    My 11th house is in Sagittarius though.

    What I like in friendships is friends who care about you, friends who like to have fun and chat. I don't like quiet friends who never want to have fun. I like friends who enjoy chatting, and they have to be loyal.

    Friends you can talk to when you're feeling down and you can count on them. Friends who know how to have a good time, friends who aren't too quiet or boring.

    ~ Cancer Sun

    ~ Cancer Moon

    ~ Cancer Mercury

    ~ Leo Venus

    ~ Libra Mars

    ~ Capricorn Rising

    ~ Aquarius Jupiter

    ~ Aries Saturn

    ~ Aquarius Uranus

    ~ Capricorn Neptune

    ~ Sagittarius Pluto

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  • Coco
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    9 years ago

    my 11th house is ruled by mercury. i love to communicate, don't care how it is either in person or on phone or by chatting online as long as it's communicating and interacting than i'll be very very happy. i tends to be comfortable and attracted to the people that are quite similar as me in knowledge and idea since i feel great having someone that i can relate to and know exactly what i feel and think. love to gain knowledge and yes, just like you the best way to hurt me is by ignoring me. ergh i cannot handle it at all

  • uli
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    9 years ago

    i don't have a planet in the 11th house, but i do have Gemini there. I tend to be really social within small groups of friends (that i really consider close friends, or mean a lot to me).


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