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What happ? Is my baby okay?

I'm 19 weeks pregnant I was stretching my leg and flexing my butt cheeck. When I did that I felt something just drop or trickle down my buttcheek. I guess it was the fat anyway all of a sudden my tummy got soft and when I just suck in my tummy, I can't feel a ball. I can't fell my baby move unless he or she is alseep.I just got a sonogram yesterday and baby is perfect. Is my baby okay?? If my baby got hurt from my tummy rubbing against the bed rough would I be bleeding??

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    you would be supprized how much room is between your baby and the outside of your tummy my doc said its normally 5-6 inches so i doubt rubbing against anything will do anything. baby is just moving probably like my baby she likes to hide right next to my spine and down in my pelvis at times. it sucks

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