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簡介如下:2009年開始手縫娃娃。小的時候,我相信這個世界有小人囯,而我也親自去找過小人。我也以爲天上的雲朵是棉花,可以隨時採栽。 我愛這種天馬行空單純的想法,因爲這是我創作靈感的來源。我享受創作享受生活,目前還在嘗試利用不同的媒介來創造更多獨特有個性的娃娃,我的夢想是擁有一個娃娃園,裏面將會住著所有我手所創作的娃娃,他們將會快樂的生活著,並且把快樂傳達給所有的人。





手縫娃娃- handmade doll

媒介- mixed media (混合材料,可能這裡我表達得不太清楚。例如:粘土+布藝, 就屬於不同的媒介結合,對不起我不懂應該怎樣更好地詮釋這個詞 QQ)

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    I started hand-stitching a Barbie doll in 2009As a kid, I believed that there was a country of Lilliputian. And I once tried to find one myself. The clouds in the sky are cottons which I could pluck them at will. I took pleasure in this sort of simple, yet wild imagination from which came my inspirations and creativities.I enjoy creativity and life. Right now I am trying to create more Barbie dolls with multimedia; each one of them will have her own, unique personality. My dream is to create and own a Barbie dolls paradise where all my hand-crafted Barbie dolls reside. They will live happily ever after and spread the love and happiness to all who come to visit the paradise. Lilliputian 小人 只有墨水瓶那麼大 葛列佛遊記裡的小人(國)a diminutive person, about the height of an ink bottle, as from Lilliput in Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels

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