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Trying to find anything about my family history, please help?

I am 20 and trying to find any info on my family history.

My great grandmother committed suicide before I was born. Her maiden name was Martha Stewart. She was once married to a man named Eldon Patterson (they had my grandmother). Martha's mother's maiden name was Rita Hamm. Martha was married many times but I don't think she was married when she died and went by her maiden name. She had to have died between 1950-1970. I'm not sure if she has a grave, but I would love to find anything on these people.

Great great grandmother, maiden name: Rita Hamm *died of complications and old age when I was young*

Great grandmother, maiden name: Martha Stewart *committed suicide between 1950-1970*

Great grandfather: Eldon Patterson *not sure if still alive but am 90% sure is not*

All lived in the U.S.

If anyone can find any info on these people i would really appreciate it.

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    Without dates or places it is hard to help you.;_ylt=Ag2D7...

    is an example of a good query.

    I can't find anyone named Eldon Patterson with a wife Martha in the 1790 - 1930 census entries. I can't find a marriage record for Rita Hamm and Mr. Stewart.

    This is the only Rita Stewart with a daughter Martha in the 1880 - 1930 censuses.

    1930; Census Place: Gainesville, Hall, Georgia; Roll: 368; Page: 6B; Enumeration District: 9; Image: 703.0.

    Paul T Stewart 25

    Rita L Stewart 21

    Bettie Sue Stewart 4 8/12

    Martha G Stewart 1 8/12

    William H Stewart 67

    Carrie Stewart 55

    Let me know if that is them and I'll transcribe it for you.

    This is what I paste when people write "my great grandfather" instead of approximate birth or death years:


    Consider this:

    IF (big IF) you are now 16 and the result of a long line of teen-aged lovers:

    You were born 16 years ago, in 1995;

    Your father was born 16 years before that, in 1979;

    Your grandfather was born 16 years before that, in 1963;

    Your great grandfather was born 16 years before that, in 1947.

    IF (another big IF) you are now 80 and the result of a long line of men who had a child by their second wives when they were 60:

    You were born 80 years ago, in 1931;

    Your father was born 60 years before that, in 1871;

    Your grandfather was born 60 years before that, in 1811;

    Your great grandfather was born 60 years before that, in 1751.

    The Great-Grandfather born in 1947 could have been a 23-year old soldier in Viet Nam in 1970. When he got home he might have gone to a disco in a powder-blue double-knit polyester leisure suit.

    The Great-Grandfather born in 1751 could have been a 25-year old soldier serving under George Washington in the American Revolution in 1776. When he got home, he might have danced a reel at a barn dance, in a pair of silk knee breeches and shoes with silver buckles.

    Both examples are extreme, both are physically possible, both show why a birth year or even a birth decade help more than the phrase "my (great) grandfather".


    If, for exmple, your Eldon had a middle name of John and you knew he lived in Beloit from 1903 - 1945, then a "John Patterson" with wife Martha living in Beloit could be your GF switching his first and middle names. If the one on the census had about the same birth year and borth state as your Eldon, we could be reasonably sure that was him.

    Here are 17 dead people named Eldon Patterson:

    Name Birth Death Age Last Address of Record Last Benefit Issued By SSN

    PATTERSON, ELDON E 01 Jan 1924 29 Dec 2002 (V) 78 26101 (Parkersburg, Wood, WV) (none specified) West Virginia 234-38-2685

    PATTERSON, ELDON L 15 Dec 1929 20 Jan 2009 (V) 79 30736 (Ringgold, Catoosa, GA) (none specified) Georgia 259-38-0017

    PATTERSON, ELDON D 16 Dec 1915 25 Apr 1995 79 62417 (Bridgeport, Lawrence, IL) (none specified) Illinois 343-07-8069

    PATTERSON, ELDON 01 Nov 1909 May 1976 66 62692 (Waverly, Morgan, IL) (none specified) Illinois 359-01-2950

    PATTERSON, ELDON W 03 Jan 1911 17 Nov 1998 (P) 87 (FO) (none specified) Michigan 386-03-3434

    PATTERSON, ELDON 28 Dec 1899 Dec 1978 78-79 35759 (Meridianville, Madison, AL) (none specified) Alabama 417-28-5471

    PATTERSON, ELDON 21 Mar 1907 Sep 1983 76 74023 (Cushing, Payne, OK) (none specified) Oklahoma 443-03-7768

    PATTERSON, ELDON A 05 May 1911 21 Dec 1992 81 76086 (Weatherford, Parker, TX) (none specified) Texas 455-24-9120

    PATTERSON, ELDON 25 Jun 1897 Aug 1983 86 79331 (Lamesa, Dawson, TX) (none specified) Texas 462-03-6938

    PATTERSON, ELDON 17 Mar 1916 Aug 1974 58 (not specified) (none specified) Iowa 483-12-9226

    PATTERSON, ELDON J 16 Sep 1915 15 Jun 2001 (V) 85 61833 (Tilton, Vermilion, IL) (none specified) Iowa 485-03-0576

    PATTERSON, ELDON C 12 Aug 1917 12 Jan 1993 75 56178 (Tyler, Lincoln, MN) (none specified) South Dakota 503-12-2285

    PATTERSON, ELDON J 16 Apr 1922 06 Jun 2005 (V) 83 77388 (Spring, Harris, TX) (none specified) Nebraska 506-03-7906

    PATTERSON, ELDON E 08 Jan 1924 15 Jun 1997 (P) 73 (72) (none specified) Nebraska 508-12-7841

    PATTERSON, ELDON A 06 Mar 1955 04 Apr 1996 41 (not specified) (none specified) Montana 517-68-2065

    PATTERSON, ELDON 08 Aug 1896 Mar 1955 58 (not specified) (none specified) Washington 532-03-1455

    PATTERSON, ELDON Jan 0000 Dec 1967 err (not specified) (none specified) California 562-01-2374

    That may not help, but it will show you how big a haystack the USA is and how small a needle Eldon is.

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    My hunch is that you are biting off too much at one time..and not using documentation which would fill in more blanks. I tried Eldon for starters, being an uncommon name..and there are 17 of them in the social security death index. Without married names of the women, which is what would be used at way to research any of those. here's the way to crack it. You need to use/obtain birth certificates of both your parents. This will give their dob and place of birth..and name of parents, AGES, and usually, birth places. These will not be online, they have to come from your end. You don't indicate if grandparents are living..if not, use their full name to search the social security death index.

    Martha could be in this, since it starts about 1960ish, but without valid name...we are as stuck as you are. Rita will also be in there..since you were born about 1991, and she died after that date.

    The key things to remember...persons in the social security death index that I described above. This runs "about" 1960 to present. Persons who were born prior to 1930, can be worked in the census..but you need to have narrowed down to better dates and probable states. This is to get you rolling. BETWEEN 1930-1960, the exact resources will depend on state and date. For some ie Texas, death certs are online for persons prior to 1975. Other states may or may not have similiar things.

    Focus on one person at a time..from present back..get the documents...and the records lead to the next.

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