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What was your favorite season of Dexter?

BQ: Wasn't it so sad when Rita died?

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    I like the series with the Trinity Killer - i reckon thats my favourite. They are all good though, although Deb REALLY gets on my ****.

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    Season 2 was my favorite because of Lila, Lundy, Dexter Pissing off Doakes, and My favorite episode is the One where Dexter Kills the Vigilante, not because he wants to, but because he Has to, not to fulfil some sick need inside of him, but to make the world a Better place. and his Dark Passenger Speech at N.A. was cool

    BQ: Never a Big fan of Rita, It was her time to go and It was for the better right? I mean because She died, Dexter got a moving van which then led him to Boyd and the Rapist's, so It was a win-loss right? Rita's dead but because of her death, so are 5 total @ssholes who deserved worse fatesd than they got. so no for me it was not sad that rita died

  • Wendy
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    I liked all so far, but I guess Season 2 was the best. It did suck when Rita died.

  • 3 years ago

    Season a million is via some distance the terrific season of Dexter! it replaced into superb the way they built the story. I basically enjoyed it. My jaw by no potential hit the floor that complicated before. The twist replaced into insane. I wasnt that greatly surprised as quickly as I found out it replaced into rudy yet while i found out he replaced into somewhat brian and Dexter's brother I went loopy! My jaw hit the floor in disbelief and that i by no potential felt tht way with watching something before. i will watch season a million repeatedly returned. Its basically superb. Brian Moser thoroughly built the completed tale of dexter simply by fact if he didnt comprehend his previous then he wouldnt be the comparable dexter he's now. No single season ought to ever beat season a million. Then season 2 replaced into my next famous, after that season 4 then season 5 and then season 3. Season 3 replaced into terrible. they are in a position to make 10 greater seasons of dexter and not something ought to ever beat season one it replaced into to superb!

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