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Is the EMT-D license from the PHILIPPINES valid for California and in other states to take the NREMT?

Hi there! I just wanted to ask about internationally educated EMTs. I have a friend who lives in the Philippines and is asking me if she can take the exam here in California or in other states. She already finished college and is already a Registered Nurse for two years and an EMT for one year. She said she's an EMT-D, from the Philippine Society of Emergency Medical Technicians. She has her course description, certificate of completion of training and license.

-What are the requirements for assessment in California?

-Does she need to take the exam?

-Does she need to train again?

-Where can I call to ask more about EMTs?

*Does she need to have another training? Or the state is just going to ask for her course description, certificate of completion of training and license?*

Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks!

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    California uses the NREMT (National Registry exam) to certify its EMTS. The requirements for the Philippine EMT-D is by far more hours than the EMT-B and probably even the new AEMT level.

    You will need to contact the NREMT and the California EMSA office directly for the correct information.


    But, first for California:

    California EMT certifications are also ruled by individual counties for which your friend would also have to get a certification through along with an Ambulance Driver's card.

    County websites:

    Also, if your friend can become an RN in California, the Paramedic exam can be challenged which of course is higher than an EMT. In California and most of the US it only takes 1000 hours to become a Paramedic.

    Question #12 addresses the RN to Paramedic challenge.

    RNs can also do Critical Care Transport and have a MICN (Mobile Intensive Care Nurse) credential in California. That will also be a county thing.


    Orange County

    Sacramento County

    If you want to know more about EMS in other states since every state is different:

    I do want to warn you that EMTs are a dime a dozen in California since there are 2 week schools cranking them out since the EMT is only 110 hours. Paramedics are primarily firefighters. An RN on a Critical Care transport is the way to go.

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