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Should school districts be prevented from checking the immigration status of kids enrolling?

The Obama administration is suing the state of Alabama to prevent them from checking to see if kids are legal or not.

Why should states be FORCED by the federal government to educate people here illegally?

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    It is a bit of a tough call. It is a tough decision to choose to punish the children of those who broke the law and came here illegally.


    This great nation has finite resources. I am a firm believer that those resources should be allocated to the citizens of this fine nation.

    I am not suggesting turning people who are near death away from a hospital. However, benefits that require planning and intent such as schooling, preventative health care, and other "entitlement" programs should be reserved for the citizens of this nation. People who are here illegally should seek such benefits from the country they are citizens of or should be willing to pay for the use of such benefits in this nation.

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    A school isn't a law enforcement office, they teach children, they don't arrest or notify ICE or deport people.

    If the people of Alabama are so up in arms about teaching kids whose parents brought them in illegally, then hire cops to do the paperwork, school administrators have enough on their plates.

    In most states school officials are required to notify child protective services if abuse is suspected.

    But they don't arrest the parents, jail them, take them to court.

    If a school has to go through the paperwork of citizenship of the parents and the child it becomes burdensome. Or we could just demand that everyone, black, white, Asian all bring in their parents 'proof'.

    I suppose we could just call ICE everytime a brown skinned child comes in and go to their homes and check the paperwork there.

    Its amazing to me that cons want smaller government, and yet would go to such invasive extremes to make sure some kid doesn't know how to read. I wonder if they are looking to breed a subculture instead of allowing assimilation as our great grandparents had.

    You do need documentation for everything, in order to inflate the numbers they claims all illegals have great forgeries, which again means that the schools would have to be trained to recognize forged document. That's just not their job.

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    @justagrandma: So, if children are being abused, the school shouldn't notify authorities because it isn't a "law enforcement agency"?...I don't know if you were allowed to molest children in your day, but laws FORCE schools to report suspicious illegal activity now.

    Unless you are a foreigner while Obama is president...I guess...

    @The people with brains: What happens if school children are exposed to polio, small pox or tuberculosis because people who sneak over the border are not screened for diseases that we have almost eradicated here?...I suppose the safety of American children isn't as important as making sure the citizens of other countries have a free (paid for by American taxpayers) American education.

    @Slider: Children of criminals always suffer...That is the parents' fault, not ours.

    @justagrandma (again) : You really believe that every "brown-skinned child" is ILLEGAL?...That's a little racist, isn't it?...People come to America from all over the world, those people are all different colors (even white)...Some of those people are here ILLEGALLY, that's why ALL children (not just "brown-skinned children" - that is a HORRIBLE thing to say) should be required to have valid ID to attend American public schools...BTW, just a grandma, LEGAL AMERICANS can also be ANY COLOR, even "brown"

    My LEGAL AMERICAN CHILDREN happen to be "brown-skinned" and they DO have proper American ID...Every child that I have ever known has been required to show a birth certificate and an up-to-date immunization record before they could attend school in my state...No one has ever had a problem with that...I am offended by your racist comment.

    Half of my family members are LEGAL immigrants who respected our laws, worked damned hard, paid their dues and waited in line to get what you want to give to criminals and thieves for FREE...You can't understand what an INSULT that is?...How it degrades all of the hard work of a LEGAL immigrant who did everything right because they cared enough about their children to do what they had to so that they could have a better life and a good education?.

    My LEGAL relatives are required by law to carry their documentation with them everywhere they go, just as people who drive are required to carry a driver's license and proof of insurance...If a child in a public school has no U.S. birth certificate, and that child has no legal documentation, that child is NOT a citizen of this country and is taking resources that belong to American children...If that child's parents REALLY want that child to have an American education, that child's parents can OBEY OUR LAWS and obtain LEGAL citizenship just as my honest, decent, law-abiding, hard-working relatives have.

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    No. Why should states have to pay for kids whose parents are breaking the law? If they want an education, go back to Mexico and come in here legally.

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    Absolutely not.

    People should have documentation for everything, from public school to social programs, not only to protect against illegal immigrant abuse of those systems, but this is the age of identity theft.

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    simple solution version 1.0 require a birth certificate and social security card for school enrollment. how much more paper work can that require my kids have both as should all LEGAL citizens .

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    Well this will hopefully be something people will think about when their property and school taxes go up.


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  • Schools have to check for proof of residency in the school district.

    But not in the country.

    Another brilliant idea from the Democrats.

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    if the schools are to be forced to teach the children to read and write let's force them to teach the entire family. those families that don't get passing grades have to pack up and go back where they came from

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