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Anonymous asked in EnvironmentOther - Environment · 9 years ago

how can i escape???????????? IM 18yrsold?

i want to ESCAPE so many things happening and going on!!! bad things are HAPPENING to me , and also things from my past the molestation, the beats, everything i tried to KILL myself but i failed if i told you my life's story maybe you would understand why i want to escape, IM SO LOST!!! idk what to do my family keeps pressuring, putting me in between them,

alot of my family members betrayed me i was molested even before i knew what that meant by family members and strangers or family friends i think i dont remember my first time but i think it was before i turned 4 years old my first black eye was at 3 years old i would get bloody beats,me and my sis both and NO we didnt live in a GHETTO situation we were with money and looked normal, i got made fun by bullies thats what i call them, all the time but they didnt know me and why i was so strange and i still AM very strange, im trying to learn things i should have learned as a kid and im trying so hard to be normal! IM LOST! im not saying i dont love my family and that my childhood was a total screw up i had birthday parties when i was a kid my mom loved and still loves me but she was just scared,

what can i do to escape?? i dont want to kill myself anymore but where can i go? im not trying to be a wuss because im running away i dont want to run away i want to escape some where, like a long footed trip im used to starving because on top of everything YES i starve i do have a problem with that but i dont care, so i want to go away where can i go?? and not be murdered or look like a bum i saw this guy on tv and he takes these trips but on foot with his dog and i want to do this for a week or two i live in florida please just tell me what to do :(

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    9 years ago
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    well hun, running away will never solve your problems. theyll always follow with you in your mind. i think you need to find someone you trust to talk to, and really find out about yourself. talking with someone who is understanding always helps ease the soul. we all go through struggles, we all have our own issues and problems.. but what makes us stronger is getting through them, and coming out of it like nothing happened. showing everyone that you are stronger then all the bullsh!t you have gone through. i know thats so hard to do, because traumatic experiences stick with you. but you cannot live a life and enjoy it when you have not come to peace with yourself. you are finally 18 and can live your own life now. everything you have been through was not your choice, but now it is. you can choose to live with a roomate, get a job, etc etc. think of it as your fresh new start! :) maybe you can even get into counseling or use your experience to help others. i have been through a lot in my life as well, and ive chosen to let the past go. its time for you to heal too. stay strong, doll.

    i really hope things work out for you, try to take a deep breath of fresh air and meditate. xoxo

    ps.] i know im a "stranger," but if you ever need someone to just talk to, you can email me at

    Source(s): my experiences.. <3
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  • 9 years ago

    Hi Kira, reading such a sad story makes me sad, too. Good at least ,they haven't physically hurt you and I must praise you for your mental strongness. Keep it up until you find someone to trust in and begin life on a new note. Escaping is certainly not the way, facing it and giving vent to pent up emotions somewhere will make you feel relaxed. May Lord give you strength.

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