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how to get around an overflow error in TI-84 plus calculator when using factorial such as 88!?

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    Well, you really can't do that unless you have a special app on your calculator. The maximum factorial the TI-84 Plus can do is 69!, which returns 1.711224524E98.

    And about the special app I was talking about, the app is called Cabamap (I think one of the other answerers here mentioned it), and it's available here:

    Description: Cabamap is a flash application for the 83+/SE that performs arbitrary-precision integer calculations. Simply stated, it can do things like calculate the exact value of 2000! or 2^1024. It uses RPN (Reverse Polish Notation) as the user interface, and is intended as a complete system for long integer calculations. The only limit is available memory (roughly 24000 digits).

    Yes, even though the description says 83+/SE (referring to the TI-83 Plus Silver Edition), it also works on the TI-84 Plus (which is pretty much the same thing).

    Source(s): I also have a TI-84 Plus (been using it for nearly two years now).
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    Yeah... 88! is way too big for the calculator to handle (because the answer exceeds 10^100). You're not really going to get around it with any sort of conventional method. You would either have to delve into some really advanced math, or maybe by using a Reverse Polish Notation application (such as Cabamap)

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    How exactly do you want to get around it? are you using this factorial in a larger equation? the TI-84 is not an algorithmic calculator which means that it is not able to reduce numbers so there won't be an overflow

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