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Can you put raw ground turkey in marinara sauce to cook it?

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    No, you need to cook any animal protein first.

    There is also an outbreak of salmonella in ground turkey going on right now so you have to be doubly cautious that you cook it thoroughly first, then add it to your Marinara sauce

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    3 years ago

    Ground Turkey Sauce

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    I disagree, though usually I do cook my ground turkey before putting it in the rest of the "spaghetti sauce" to mix in and heat through.

    Meats *can* definitely be cooked in any liquid as long as they're cooked long enough, etc, but if you cook ground meat in something like tomato sauce, it will tend not to be in nice little clumps but sort of a mush mixed into the rest of the sauce... that's why people usually pre-cook ground meats in a skillet first (which also browns them for a bit of extra flavor), or just precook them in a microwave after cutting up into smaller bits (like me).

    The extra problem with *ground* meats is that they are more likely to have salmonella than non-ground meats (because they're made up of many different animals) so it's just extra important to make sure ground meats are cooked all the way through. Again, pre-cooking helps to create longer total cooking time but it's not necessary as long as the total cooking time of any method(s) is long enough.

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    I also disagree. As long as the sauce is cooked at a simmer (meaning near the boiling point) the ground meat will cook sufficiently to kill any bacteria lurking there. However, browning the meat first does bring out flavors not present in "boiled" meat.

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  • Jenny
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    4 years ago

    The secret to eating well in tough times is to use your protein [beef or chicken] as a flavor accent. Grandma had 8 kids plus a husband and a couple of farmhands to feed - she routinely put a thick slice of bread under a very small piece of meat and covered it all with gravy. Scientists tell us that Americans eat way too much protein. Try some vegetarian cook books - any of Mollie Katzen's books or my favorites: Diet for a Small Planet and Recipe for a Small Planet - you may be able to get these at the library.

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    Definitely brown the meat then add to sauce. You can heat up the sauce while the meat cooks. Or make meatballs & have that work instead then add to sauce

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    cook it until it's mostly browned then add it too the sauce. it doesn't have to cook all the way because it gets dry very fast, and if the sauce is hot already then it will be fine.

  • 3 years ago

    Of course you can simmer any raw meat in liquid until it cooks through. Otherwise, how would you explain meatball soup?!

  • 8 years ago

    No, you should cook it before adding it to the sauce.

  • 8 years ago

    The meat should be cooked in a skillet first...season and then add your sauce and simmer.....

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