Why is the federal government fighting the New Alabama illegal immigration law?

I was doing some research and found how the federal government regulate the rules and guidelines and found that we are suppose to as States enforce what the federal government lays down as laws.

Yet when the states do try to enforce them they are sued by the federal government. Is the federal government out of line or is it considered treasonous act to allow illegals to enter the country without reprisal. One of the sites I was looking in gives a brief idea of how the law is written http://www.ehow.com/list_6603410_federal-laws-ille...

So after reading this who seems to be breaking the laws of the land the federal government or the states who is trying to follow the laws provided to them and set by the federal goverment? Explain your thoughts.

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    Immigration enforcement belongs to the federal govt. Alabama's law is probably an attempt to divert their citizens' attention from the state's real problems.

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    4 years ago

    If state regulation interfers with federal regulation, the federal government data an injunction based on the Supremacy Clause. there's no thank you to overrule this, so all this communicate is in straightforward terms a fashion of having interest until the splendid courtroom sooner or later has this on the table. Obama now asked the splendid courtroom to try this. interior the top, all of us understand that the splendid courtroom has no different decision than to renowned that immigration regulation is the domaine of the federal government so ultimately it somewhat is going to all bypass decrease back to typical. All smoke an mirrors for political effective aspects.

  • Mutt
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    10 years ago

    It's Arizona all over again.

    If the federal government doesn't like the states coming up with their own immigration policy, then maybe they should actually start enforcing the ones they (feds) have. But if they fail to do so, I fully support the states passing and enforcing their laws. Why? Because the states have an obligation to protect it's residents when the federal government fails to do its job.

  • What is an illegal immigrant? Is it not someone who enters into a country that is not of their birth and then settles in it without the permission of the legitimate government? That, or someone descended of such an individual?

    That is how every Republican or individual like yourself has always explained it to me. Well, that is precisely what white people did when they got to this country. They entered without the permission of the legitimate government(s) of the time (Native American tribal leadership). They expanded into territories without permission.

    Essentially, every white person back then was illegal. But added on to that, you guys say that nothing legal can come from anyone illegal. You attack "anchor babies" as illegal because, although they do fit the Constitutional definition of legality in that they were born on American soil, they do not fit your definition in that they must be born of natives of this country. Well if you want to use that definition, that is fine, but that means that every white person of today is also illegal. You see, you were born to illegals, who themselves were born to illegals, all the way back to the original illegal white people.

    YOU, by your own definition, are illegal. Now the Alabama state government is not deporting illegal white people, so essentially they are enforcing the law in an unfair and discriminatory way. Now if you believe that all illegals should go, then by all means get the hell out of my country (I am Apache, so this is my country no matter how you see it) and I will not rest until every single illegal Hispanic immigrant is gone. But if you, a white illegal immigrant, will not hold yourself to your own standard...then why should I hold a brown illegal immigrant to your standard.

    I will hold them to whatever standard you'd like, but I will hold you to it first. Either show me you believe your statement and get the hell out of my country; or show you believe as I do and stay, with me welcoming you with open arms, but accept them with open arms as well.

    I don't care which you choose, but stop with the hypocrisy.

    Edit: to Mutt below...

    You would have a legitimate point if illegal immigrants were the danger. But crime statistics clearly show that criminal records among the illegal immigrant population is at 17% (meaning 17% of illegal Hispanic immigrants have a criminal record); whereas 34% of Americans have a criminal record (meaning 34% of illegal "American only because they were called such by an illegal American government made up by illegals for illegals who happened to be white" have a criminal record).

    In other words, if the state governments of Arizona and Alabama wish to protect the citizenry, they should be tossing out the white guys...not the Hispanics.

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Hispanic votes.

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