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What was the role o the united nations security council? Who were the 5 permanent members?

I looked everywhere and I can't find the answer. I would like something short, if possible.

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  • 9 years ago
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    There are 5 permanent members of UN SC (United Nations Security Council):

    France, UK, USA, Russia (USSR earlier), PR China ('Nationalist' China earlier).

    UN SC is the real executive body of UN on world conflicts. All wars, battles, skirmishes are discussed and resolutions passed that are binding on the parties. Well, almost; if not one of 'the big 5' can do some arm-twisting. But there were some incorrigible nations in the past, but everyone of them fell in line soon (like South Africa of apartheid fame), except Israel (USA backs it ot the hilt). There are some 20 elected members from amongst the nations (193 members, with South Sudan). A President of the Council is elected. A kind of rotation of the posts with the world partitioned into regions for the selection purpose is followed. The council also authorises (or recommends) creation of UN force for peace-keeping, conflict resolution that might turn out into a restrained fighting force. The world is peppered with these. Some are on semi-permanent basis as it turned out.

    The big 5 are powerful because each of them can 'veto' any resolution, if it is not to its liking. They at times use the veto for favouring a friend.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    did you look everywhere? Did you try the U.N webpage?

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