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Is this a good antagonist biography?

Ailani [ah ee law nee] Akahata (Meaning High Chief and Supreme)

Ailani was born at midnight on January 1, 2000 on Molokai. He was a very likeable person and loved improving people’s lives. He decided at young age that he wanted to become an inventor. With a GPA of over 5, he was accepted to MIT in 2018. He got a PHD in aerospace engineering, and a master’s degree in aerodynamics. He returned to Hawaii in 2026, and there he met David, and they became best friends. David then proposed an idea for a suit that would allow people to fly like a bird. Ailani became intrigued by this, and they began working on a suit that would allow this. They put together a suit with a 26 foot wingspan, four powerful electric turbine engines, a large rechargeable battery, and fins. David made a successful 30 minute flight with this suit in 2030.

Ailani wanted to sell to the wings for a very low price so it would be easy for anyone to afford. David, however, realized that hardly any profit would be made, but Ailani refused to sell for higher prices. David then patented the invention in his name, and made a deal with Avis Inc. to manufacture and sell the wings. Furious that he got no credit, and that he couldn’t sell the wings without braking copyright laws, or either go broke giving them for free. Out of anger, he kills David, and makes it appear that he accidently crashed while flying. Still angry at the copyright laws of the country, he remembers his Hawaiian royal blood and ancestry, and sets out to break Hawaii away from the United States and restore the monarchy, with him as the king. He gains many supporters, and he kills many who strongly opposed him. He becomes the greatest public enemy in U.S. history; killing around 1,300 individual people himself and his organization killing a total of over 10,000 individual people, all mostly people opposed to them and many people who are Caucasians (he is also angry at them for destroying the past monarchy). In 2043, he steals a new prototype set of wings; one that now can be controlled with thought alone and are much more powerful. He replaces it with a perfect decoy. He then modifies it by adding solar panels for more power, and attaching to the front of the wings a razor sharp steel that can be superheated to 3,000 degrees. He also created a suit of light bulletproof body armor that cause people to not realize that he is the same person who’s killed over a thousand people. He uses these to kill other flyers in midair, and cause incredible damage to property. He causes over three billion dollars himself and his organization causes around 15 billion in damage.

In September of 2046, he and many members of his organization looted and killed many survivors of a powerful hurricane that just swept through on Maui. When ransacking one house by himself, Skylar’s mom comes home from the storm shelter, looking for Skylar(main protagonist). She instead finds Ailani in his body armor suit. Ailani, recognizing her as David’s widow kills her for a last revenge. He then flies away with some jewelry he stole that he can sell on the black market, when he finds himself attacked by Skylar from behind (he has no idea who he is or why he is attacking him). He easily cuts off both of his wings, gives him a large gash, knocks him out and lets Skylar fall to his death. He then continues his operations, unaware that a fellow flyer had been able to parachute Skylar safely to the ground. It isn’t until December that he receives word that Skylar is still alive. He sends out a flyer in his organization to find him and kill him. He doesn’t find the Skylar until early January, when he is on the top of Kahakuloa Head with his friend, James. He attacks Skylar, ignoring James, and Skylar is able to out maneuver the attacker until James uses an EM pulse weapon he designed to disable the attacker’s engines, forcing him to glide away. As he was gliding away, he heard Skylar say that his leader was never going to get away with killing his mother. When he reports back to Ailani, he is furious that he couldn’t kill a kid, but is distracted when he realizes that the kid is David’s son. He then decides to kill him himself.

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    Very well Written.But there are some grammatical errors,which any good editor can correct it.So no problem.

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    a million.) Is your antagonist easily evil, or are they particularly respectful/considerate? Woah, so i'm an antagonist now? Jeez, calm down! i'm no longer evil, no longer so some distance as i'm conscious. 2.) Does your antagonist love somebody or do they see love as a weak point? Love? Meh. S'ok. in simple terms receives me into hassle nevertheless. 3.) Is your antagonist elegant and expert approximately their artwork or are they informal and each now and then sloppy? elegant and expert? Eugh, who cares that lots? i'm getting it completed, do no longer I? isn't that adequate? 4.) what's your antagonist's quite objective? Is it extra suitable than in simple terms "take over the international"? My quite objective? And no, I have not any desire to take over the international. too lots duty. I in simple terms wanna get with the aid of. 5.) the place will your antagonist's motives get them? What are they benefitting from with the aid of doing what they are doing? *shrugs shoulders* What're you on?! 6.) Does your antagonist have a life outdoors of their artwork (or outdoors of attempting to do away with the protagonist)? Yeah, duh. you think of i'm some lifeless youngster with an obsession? 7.) Does your antagonist decide to do issues on their own, or have their henchmen do it for them? Henchman?! Cool it! i'm in simple terms 15, no probability of having a henchman in simple terms yet ... 8.) What does your antagonist characterize? What are they combating for? I dunno. I characterize ... myself? That a good adequate answer for you? 9.) what's your antagonist maximum regularly suggested as with the aid of enemies? What approximately associates? What approximately henchmen? Mitch. Cuz that is my call ... duh. 10.) Does your antagonist hate the coronary heart of your protagonist and in simple terms desire them long gone ASAP, or do they fee some thing approximately them that makes them hesitant to decide to kill them perfect away? i does no longer say fee, quite. probable 'has an hobby in.'

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    I like it :)

    Very descriptive!!

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