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How do I take as much business away from Elil Lilly pharamceutical company as I possibly can?

To make a long story short I was put on anti depressants by my parents and an ignorant doctor when I was a minor and now even as a 24 yrd old I stll experience severe side effects many years after cessation of any anti depressants. What is the best way to **** over Eli Lilly as much as possible? I've written letters to those in power about restricting Eli Lilly's poisoning of innocent people worldwide but what else can I do to F&%$ them over as much as possible? Would organizing a picket protest outside their headquarters be worth my time? I'm only one guy so I feel powerless but I wanna go Erin Brockavich on these B1+ches. Advice needed please:(


Ed Fox: "Obviously not a serious post"? GTFO if you knew jack you'd know that you can do a search on sexual side effects of SSRIs and find this is 100% true and a major cause of ED. You're better off not saying anything because you fail to contribute any valuable information. How you are a top contributor is beyond me. Go to hell sir.

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    Well, Erin Brockaich used the law when and they were able to prove that a company was knowingly contaminating groundwater with chemicals harmful to humans. Are you able to prove your allegations? I'm not trying to be mean, but you can't go Erin Brockavich on them.

    Without physically injuring people or damaging person property (both illegal) there is very little that you can do which will actually hurt this company. Essentially, you are powerless against a giant corporation like Eli Lilly.

    I don't know why you want only want to go against Eli Lilly; why not the doctor or your parents? The doctor prescribed the drug which has lingering effects, they are just as much at fault as Eli Lilly. And your parents probably pushed the doctor to "do something," so they are complicit in this issue.

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    Obviously not a serious post because if there was a genuine problem with the produce the FDA would have banned it.

    You could be arrested for cauasing a disturbance outside the company premises, and the company could also sue you for libel.

    Your parents were at fault as you were too young to be given adult medication and the doctor was probably bribed by your parents to prescribe the medication

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