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What are the best dance club/beach bars to go to in Fort Lauderdale, FL? Any fun things for a couple?

Visiting Fort Lauderdale Labor Day weekend 9/2/11-9/6/11. What is there to do that's really fun? Any great dance clubs or beach bars? Some great nightlife ideas would be great as I will be there for 5 days. Trance/Techno/Raggae/House music are my favorite genres.

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    In Ft. Lauderdale you have Riverwalk & Las Olas.

    I dont know any specific clubs, but I know these are the hot spots. There are lots of lounges and restaurants. The beach gets exciting during the day, and then the party starts at night.

    Hope you have fun!!

  • 8 years ago

    You can go in these are the fun places...

    - The Parrot

    the parrot lounge has been a fort lauderdale drinking institution since 1970. this typical florida style beach bar caters to a mixture of tourists and locals. in my opinion one of the best beach bars.

    Tarpon Bend

    Large open windows and doors make for an almost outdoor feel, this boisterous bar is home to the best happy hour in town.

  • Anuj B
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    If ur in FLL for five days, I'd much rather advise you to drive south to Miami - where you could hit Mansion or Club Space.

    Worth the effort, if you care for the music+crowd = experience.

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