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How do I potty train my puppy? And how can we get her to stop biting?

She is 10 weeks. She is very sweet, but she bites constantly. Any tricks?

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    Potty training -

    This is a relatively easy process, it takes a few weeks / months depending on you and the dog (everyone learns at different rates - it applies to puppies too)

    When you are with your lil bundle -

    You should have set feeding/drinking times for your puppy. Once he/she has eaten, leave them for 10/15 minutes then take them outside. Whatever you do DON'T play, just sit to one side, ignore the puppy and when it does its business praise it, a treat, cuddles and love (it deserves it for being so clever!)

    At night-

    You need to cover the floor area where your puppy sleeps entirely in newspaper for a few days, then, after the first few days remove a sheet of newspaper. Everyday remove one sheet of newspaper until you are left with only one. Then put this newspaper sheet outside. Take your puppy outside before bedtime, and again 1st thing in the morning, you may have a few accidents, and you may have to repeat the last stage. But it should work.

    Like any child your puppy needs consistency and praise, make sure you ALWAYS go out the same door, and always say the same phrase 'go toilet' 'go wees' 'go potty' whichever you prefer, but this will help the puppy understand what you want it to do, and what it needs to do to get praise.

    As an after try putting a 'puppy potty pad' by the door you go out to the yard, apparently they have a scent that encourages toilet use, so the puppy will understand that that door = toilet!!

    Biting is something puppies do, he/she might be teething and in a bit of pain.

    There are a few ways to stop biting, my two personal favorites, and the ones i find most effective are as follows-


    When your puppy is playing and bites you say 'ouch' or 'ow' or make an injured/ hurt noise. Hold where you have been bitten and stop playing with your puppy. Ignore it for 5/10mins, do not look at or interact, it is important all family members follow this.

    Your puppy will soon learn that biting is bad and does not get it what it wants.



    When your puppy is playing and bites you say 'NO' very firmly (do not hit or smack your puppy) and immediately give him or her a chew toy, teething chew or ice cube (these are great for teething puppies). If your puppy is young and this is just a case of teething this latter one should work fine.

    I hope this helps. Good luck!!

    Source(s): Dog owner and breeder of wolfhounds 13yrs
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    Mouthing and nipping are normal behaviours for a young puppy. It's a form of social play. I will give you a link on how to deal with it.

    As for housebreaking (not potty training unless you intend to train her to use a toilet and flush it), I will give you two links so you can combine two excellent methods which are crate and umbilical leash.

    Training will depend on your consistency and patience. Your puppy wants to learn, it's up to you to be clear, consistent, and persistent. You must also not allow your puppy the run of the house since she clearly is not old enough to have it, nor has she earned it. In addition, you must supervise puppy carefully at all times unless she's crated.

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    Put lemon on your hands :) sounds silly but it works. I did that when I adopted a abused ferret who wanted to eat me. Now she is very sweet and only play bites but that is only after working with her every single day.

    I also did that for my beagle when he was still learning play bite. Sometimes a tap on the noise, and a strong No works.

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    When your dog has an twist of fate at the flooring, do not scold it, simply quite simply choose it up and convey it external. (This might be an on going neccesity till your dog learns) Crate coaching is an quality system in stopping a dog from chewing and likewise potty coaching as good. Most pets may not cross in which they sleep. Also at the chewing furnish your dog with plenty of chunk toys and if he begins to chunk on anything, do away with him from the item and supply him a chunk toy. (This may be going to be repetative till your dog learns)

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    I yowl like a dog, and get away from her. Just like when puppies play in a group, yowling and going away teaches the dog that it was too rough, and if she continues she will lose a playmate.

    Source(s): It had worked really well for me and the puppies I have raised.
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    Take your puppy outside to smell the grass, there is something in the grass that they like to pee or poo. Take her outside when she: wakes up, after playing, after eating, and before going to bed.Especially when she wakes up in the morning.

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