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WDYT of my top ten baby names?

Be honest & Critsim is welcome! All middle names are family names.


Palmer Allen

Griffin Randall

Langston Matthew

Owen Christopher

Ethan Marshall


Teagan Catherine

Hope Melissa

Rescee Marie

Harley Renee

Ellah Taylor

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    9 years ago
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    Hi, i think that having the middle names are family members names is really important and adds extra value to the names.


    Palmer Allen - I love Allen but I think Palmer sounds old like a grandfather's name.

    Griffin Randall- Griffin Randall is OK. I personally do not like the name Griffin for some reason :(

    Langston Matthew- I think Langston is a nice name and I have never heard of it. Landon Matthew would be perfect too!

    Owen Christopher- Christopher Owen is better Owen Christopher does not flow well.

    Ethan Marshall- I ♥ Ethan Marshall, it is so beautiful. In my opinion this is the best baby boy name on your list.


    Teagan Catherine- I like Teagan but I think it is better spelt Teegan but of course it is your choice. Teagan Catherine or Teegan Catherine is a lovely name :D

    Hope Melissa- I think Hope is a better middle name than a first name. What about Melissa Hope? It looks better.

    Rescee Marie- Marie is lovely and it is a classic middle name. I think Rescee Marie is quite nice but I prefer Harley Renee...

    Harley Renee- I love Harley and Renee so I just adore Harley Renee. I think I might use that name for my daughter if i ever get one. Harper Renee would be nice too but Harley is perfect!

    Ellah Taylor- I personally think that Ellah looks misspelled. Ella Taylor would be much better. But it is a gorgeous name to name a baby girl.

    Other names which I hope you'll love:


    Tobias Allen

    Xavier Christopher

    Joel Marshall

    Aiden "Randy" Randall- Randy as a nice name

    Tyler Matthew or Cameron Matthew


    Rebeca Catherine, Isabelle Catherine or Viola Catherine

    Alyssa Marie. Elizabeth Marie, Haven Marie or Anabelle Marie

    Rosalie Taylor

    X :)

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago


    Palmer Allen - I don't really like the name Palmer but Palmer Allen flows nicely.

    Griffen Randall - I don't like ither of these names.

    Langston Matthew - Langston I don't really like but Matthew is a good name I feel like.

    Owen Christopher - I really like Both of these and the way they flow.

    Ethan Marshall - I like Ethan but Marshall isn't as good I don't think.


    Teagan Catherine - I really like both of these names and I love that you picked a C instead of K for Catherine.

    Hope Melissa - I don't really like the name Hope but it sounds more like a middle name anyway and Melissa I feel like is more of an older adult name and might get teased for having a grandma name when she gets in school.

    Rescee Marie - I'm not sure how to pronounce the first name but I really don't like Marie.

    Harley Renee - I think Harley is a pretty name and Harley Renee flows nicely.

    Ellah Taylor - I like the H you've put at the end of Ellah and that's a pretty name but I really don't like the name Taylor.

    I hope this helps!

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Palmer- don't like it. It doesnt sound like a first name. 2/10

    Griffin- Nope 3/10

    Langston- Sounds like a cure for a hideous disease. (dont worry it gets a bit better after this) 3/10

    Owen- Yeah! Im still not overly keen on this, but il give it a 6/10

    Ethan- LOVE! Choose this one! 10/10

    For your boys names, i would suggest you swap the names round (make Langsten Matthew into Matthew Langston, Christopher Owen etc) but keep Ethan Marshall as it is!

    Teagan Catherine- Not keen on Teagan, but i like Catherine 6/10

    Hope Melissa- Nice. It sounds right. 8/10

    Rescee Marie- WHAT?! RESCEE! What is that? Its like Rescue. Bad name! 0/10

    Harley Renee- Harley sounds a bit like a hooker, but Renee is beautiful! Harley Renee= 2/10 Renee Harley= 9/10

    Ellah Taylor- what is with the "h"?! Make it Ella! So much nicer! Ella taylor=7/10 Ellah= 3/10

    Once again, i would suggest you swap the names round, they are a lot prettier and more sensible like this, but keep Ella Taylor as it is. I would double the scores of them if you swapped them over.

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  • 9 years ago


    Palmer Allen- Unique

    Griffin Randall -- i know somebody named Griffon, its more of a unique spelling i think

    Langston Matthew- Interseting

    Owen Christopher- Cute

    Ethan Marshall- Super Cute


    Teagan Catherine- Reagan is kinda similar to teagan, i find Reagan is better but its fine as it is.

    Hope Melissa- Cute

    Rescee Marie- I really like this

    Harley Renee- Thats really cute

    Ellah Taylor- Cute

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  • Mary
    Lv 5
    9 years ago

    Owen Christopher is the only boy combo I like, the others are really just not my style. I don't like Teagan, but the other girl names are nice.

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  • 9 years ago

    Palmer, doesn't sound like a name, 3/10

    Griffin, unique, 6/10

    Langston doesn't look like name 1/10

    Owen, unique but classic. Love. 10/10

    Ethan, a good strong name, 8/10

    Teagan, looks like a boys name to me, but useable, 5/10

    Hope, and what if she's not hopeful? This type of name don't work unless the child fits the name, and only time will tell that, 4/10

    Rescee, unique, 6/10

    Harley, it's a motorcycle not a girls name, 0/10

    Ellah, lovely, 9/10

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  • eliana
    Lv 4
    3 years ago

    lady: Raelynn Paige- Its ok, not my famous Teagan Lenae- Its truly cute Thalia Elizabeth (tal E ah)- considered one of my favorites Coralie Jane- i won't be in a position to image it on a grownup Cosette Marie- i like this french call :) Deliah Brielle- i like this call :) Gracelyn Renee (Gracie)- Its ok Elodie Jane (Ellie)- this is totally enormously Ainsley Nicole- i like this <3 Felicity Rain- i like Felicity, yet Rain in basic terms isn't a solid tournament. Boys: Jackson Ray (do not shorten to Jack)- i like this Avery Johnathan- i do unlike Johnathan Atticus Reid- A liitle old formed Emerson Reilly- i like this call Bentley Joel (do not shorten to Ben)- Love Bentley, hate Joel. Everett James (Ever)- truly image a 30-a hundred 12 months old guy with this call? William Patrick (Liam)- LOVE, it is my famous out of your checklist Landon Carter- Its ok Camden James (Cam)- cute Truett McKay (actual)- No in basic terms no <3

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  • Alice
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    9 years ago

    AGAIN, hate Last Names as first & middles! (Palmer)!!!


    I only like Owen, Christopher, Ethan here.

    I had liked Hope, but it doesn't age well. It's childish.

    Taylor is fine.

    Most rest are like EEEEeewwwww.........

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    They're okay. Some better than others.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Wow, they all flow together so well! (:

    Unusual yet adorable.

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