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ps3 vs xbox 360 vs laptop?

i want to buy one xbox 360 or laptop.

laptop spaces-

intel core i5 @ 2.26ghz

4 gb ram

500 gb hdd

ati 5650 @ 1 gb

windows 7

or xbox 360 or ps3.

i want to games like gta 4, crysis 2,just cause 2 etc.

i want to best network games for windows live vs xbox live vs psn.

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    k they have a good deal right now were u buy a dell laptop n u get a free xbox for $699 i have the xbox n is the best experience on video games n trust me i have the ps3 but i dont used it coz is a lot of hackers who been stealing ur credit car number go to n they have it in their u should go right now n check it out but the offer is for college students but dont worry i got mines coz my friend is in college lol good luck i hope u visite the website k

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      You could teach a class on how to tick off grammar nazi's

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    A good gaming laptop will have better graphics, and you'll be able to browse the internet and use it as a normal computer too. But if you are only going to use it for gaming then don't get a laptop.They are way too expensive. But if you do need a laptop for university or something then that may be a good choice. My friend got a good gaming laptop for €850. For that price you can get a ps3/xbox and a good flat screen to play on.

    As for xbox vs ps3, ps3 is a lot better, in my opinion.

    1) More exclusives. Games like Killzone, Uncharted, Little Big Planet, Ratchet and Clank are really good. I have been playing Killzone 3 online for a while now and im completely hooked!

    2)Better graphics- In my opinion

    3)Blu-ray. Watching blu-ray DVDs on a HD tv is amazing!

    4)Less likely to be faulty. Although the new Xbox's are meant to be more reliable than the old ones.

    5)You can run linux on it.

    6)Psn is free. I don't understand why everyone says Xbox live is better, i can play online with my friends on psn and chat with them aswell all for free. I don't see why i should have to pay €50 per year for it.

    You will have to pay more for a ps3 than an Xbox but you will not be disappointed. My friends and I have both consoles and yet we are always playing Ps3.

    Source(s): Have both consoles and friend has laptop.
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      On*. (Also, I don't understand why my format was changed but whatever)

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    I like both xbox 360 and ps3 reason I won't go with computer is it cost way to much money for a decent gaming system even if you have one I like game play on the ps3 and xbox 360 better and I do not have to buy a good graphics every year to play the latest games

    internet play I will have no say for xbox 360 or ps3 I play ps3 online because I do not have the money for xbox live if you have the money I would go for the xbox live if you don't ps3 just depends on the money situation

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    8 years ago

    With the specs on that laptop I doubt you'll be able to run games like Crysis 2 and Just Cause 2 on max settings. If that's your only option PC-wise, I'd advise getting a console. Xbox Live is the most accessible and is more full featured (NOT better, as everyone says, just has more little perks) but costs money, PSN is free but it's harder to get around in.

    @Ghost "keyboard and mouse is gay"? Lol, you fail, go away.

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    8 years ago

    I have an 4gb xbox which is amazing for online(except having to pay) and a macbook pro i use my laptop much more than the xbox for games and internet, so i would recommend the laptop i also have a 40gb ps3 which online mode is fairly bad and hard to communicate with friends but its free!

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    8 years ago

    Overall, I think xbox 360 is a great product. Microsoft really got it right.

    It's small, relatively quiet, minimal, and sleek. Games are as great as the old XBOXes, and if you choose to get Kinect with it, that's great as well. It's relatively inexpensive, considering the hardware involved. 4GB is a little skimpy, but you should find it enough; after all, you can always add some USB flash drives or even hard drives to expand your storage.

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    An xbox is definately the best. If you go on Dell's website I think they are still running the deal where when you buy a laptop you get an xbox. I dont know if it is in India though.

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    okay buy an xbox its cheap become one of them if you love ps2 or psx you must buy ps3 you can get best ever exclusive games like uncharted, infamous,god of war,killzone,resistance etc

    xbox = cheap online okay

    ps3 = blu ray better exclusives

    people who say xbox is brighter or better than ps3 means the game is ported form xbox to ps3 so it was made for xbox and then ported it for ps3 its exclusive game makes the best use of its engine.'

    ps just escape this war by going with pc not laptop

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    Yeah if you get a certain Dell Laptop you get a 4GB xbox 360 ( the new one:D ) & xbox live is better for online gaming.

    Source(s): Dell commercails, personal expirience with my xbox 360.
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    ok if you want to play video games, ps3 or xbox, if your going to be doing work or could use it for work, laptop

    ok, gta 4 is much better on psn, much more players, funner, easier, better online gameplay, i have both systems

    and same with crysis and just cause because there all like gta

    windows live ,is the worst gamepaly for those games, keyboard and mouse it gay, but you can hack it,

    so i would buy the playstation, because it has more players on gta etc, i no! much more!,,

    Source(s): if got all the systems, and ive tried gta on comp.
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