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WHY are drugs illegal?

I don't get it. People aren't going to go shoot up heroin just because it gets legalized.

It won't make anymore drug addicts than there are now.

People who want to do drugs will do them, whether or not they're illegal.

I thought America was the Land of the FREE?

Why can't people chose to live the way the want? The only person who will be mainly affected is THEM. If drugs like Valium and Xanax are legal but people still abuse them, what's the difference between a natural plant, for instance Marijuana? It helps anxiety and is much safer than alcohol or some medications that are out there. People aren't allowed to have a good time anymore?

People who disagree, I would like a legitimate answer. I am open-minded to what you have to say as long as you back your answer up and take into consideration what I have said.

Thank you.

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    Many drugs alter the way people behave and then these people cause problems and if the drugs were legal then there would be nothing a judge could really charge them with that would give much jail time. Also people would use these drugs in PUBLIC if they were legal and I dont want to be near people shooting up heroin! Needle drugs spread blood born diseases and would put a risk to the public if people could use while in public.

    Also if drugs were legal your doctor or nurse could shoot up heroin and then take care of you while you are a patient! If it is legal then technically they could use it at work which would put your life at risk. Even a barista in a coffee place could injure others if they used drugs during or before work (such as pouring hot coffee on people because many drugs make people hallucinate!).

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    Because ONCE IN A WHILE there's the occasional person who's already bad and would do bad things without drugs, but they happen to also take drugs, and then do bad things under the influence. It's kind of like the whole stereotype thing. One person is a certain way, so anyone that has anything in common with them is thought to be exactly the same. Stupid as it sounds, that's pretty much what happened. If drugs were legal there would be a lot less associated crime too, but the government apparently doesn't understand that.

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    Safety. We as people are very gullible and in the wrong hands someone could get hurt or even destroy their life. Marijuana? You've got me there. I personally think that if anything, Marijuana should be legal and alcohol illegal, but we don't want to repeat the 20's prohibition so that's not gonna happen. Some of these drugs are addictive and damaging where people will do almost anything to get more. Next thing you know crime is at an all time high. Illegal drugs should stay illegal *coughcoughexceptmajijuanacoughcough*.

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    The general public isn't aware of how you will die from them.

    A Controlled Substance is any drug that causes a dependency (that's the factor that puts them onto one of the Controlled Substance schedules). People that begin using a controlled substance of any kind will begin to become addicted to the drug regardless of who they are. Many thousands of people died before cocaine was made illegal, and even more developed mal nutrition and various forms of mental disease. People suffering from the addiction caused by controlled substances such as heroin, cocaine, vicodin, and methadrine to name a few, get preyed upon by the criminal-minded; they are opportune targets, and many are robbed, beaten, and forced into prostitution. Not to mention the type of behavior the addiction may invoke. When someone wants their "fix", they will do some of the most underhanded and even criminal things to get it.

    It seems easy enough to say, "Yeah, well I don't thing people would be like that", but they were. Drugs weren't always illegal in America, and people were a thousand times worse than you're thinking.

    Then there's the long-term medical effects. keeping drug usage to a minimum is saving hundreds of thousands of lives.

    Source(s): Medical Courses
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    Your question is very good. I've always pondered it myself.

    Oxicontin and Heroine are almost exactly the same, but one is legal while the other is not. The government discourages drug use, but they allow pharmaceutical companies to distribute all kinds of drugs that ultimately make people sicker and shave years off their life, and they even invent all kinds of stupid medical conditions for them. I'm still laughing about those commercials for Restless Leg Syndrome.

    I don't know what the right answer would be for this question, but I smell a conspiracy.

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    There you go again, trying to use common sense to understand the drug laws.

    That never works.

    Edit: I'm sure it would still be illegal for a school bus driver (or any driver) to be on drugs while they are working. It's that common sense thing again, though - sorry.

    If heroin was legal, I still wouldn't use it - and the people that like stuff like that, don't care about the laws.

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    Maybe youre right, but I have tried many MANY drugs and only ended up realizing what a bad life I had because of it. A LOT of murders and crimes happen because of drugs....why wouldnt they be illegal? If they were legalized I bet a s**t load more people would use because it would be more easily, widely available, and wouldnt cost as much.

    Source(s): bad drug history but clean for 3 years
  • Grant
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    Because illegal drugs are expensive......and the drug cartels want to keep them that they lobby in sending lots of money to the churches against drugs.....who do it for them........and the war on drugs goes on........what a waste of time and money.....

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    "I don't get it. People aren't going to go shoot up heroin just because it gets legalized. "

    How do YOU know that? You don't think if it's legal and easy to get that more people won't be experimenting with it?

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    Weed only helps anxiety in *some* people ... for me, it makes it worse.

    That aside, I agree with you on most other points.

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