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What do distemper shots do for male cats?

My cat Samson has been getting really out of hand lately. He is neutered. He is 7 years old in our time. He has been attacking my other cat Sabby (male) and has been attacking (biting, scratching, etc) my family members legs when we walk up the stairs. Usually he is a very nice pet, he loves to cuddle, so its very new to us. We don't want to give him away. He hasn't had a distemper shot in a couple years, is this a side effect from not having it? Please help. Hes a big part of my family.

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    Distemper has nothing to do with "temperament" and attitude.

    Distemper is a highly infections disease in cats and dogs that effects their nervous systems, immunity, and digestive symptoms.

    It can survive in the proper environment for up to a year, and can be carried into a home on shoes or clothing worn outside, so even an indoor cat is still at risk for distemper.

    Symptoms of distemper is vomiting, low white blood cell count, diarrhea, seizures, self biting, lethargy and loss of appetite.

    older cats are less susceptible than kittens, but are still not fully immune to catching the disease.

    Now as for your cat... if this attitude is new... you may want to take him to a vet. There could be a medical issue for the cat's sudden aggressive behavior.

    Also look for changes you've made to the house. Is your other cat new? Did you recently move? Did you change things around and he's nervous? Is this even an aggressive act, or is it playful? Does he posture, do his ears go back, does his hair seem to stand up? Does he hiss before attacking?

    If you have not made any major changes, and it seems to be more aggressive of an act than playful... I'd go to the vet.

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    No, distemper is a disease (nothing to do with temper)

    When he's going after feet he's playing, just too rough. The same is probably true for going after the other cat.

    Get a spray bottle and squirt him when he's being too aggressive, he'll learn (after a while) what he can and can't do

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    has anything changed in the household? He may need a vet check.

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